Corey Feldman Identifies Alleged Abusers

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Corey Feldman is speaking out against child abuse in the entertainment industry — and he’s starting by finally naming one of his own alleged abusers…

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  1. Amareto on

    This guy is a chicken . Some of the actoresses who came forward signed confidentiality agreement and yet they ‘ve revealed their rapist .

  2. Martin Hesketh on

    If his parents are still alive I bet they regret letting him work in that nest of vipers. The establishment will try and cover-up this, same as they have with the paedophile rings being ‘investigated’ (and I use that term loosely), here in the UK.

  3. M B on

    I’m sure the date was Friday the 3rd of November 2017 Thursday was the 2nd get your facts straight lady how are we supposed to believe this when you can’t even get the date right!

  4. Frostbite76 on

    Feldman has been trying for years to bring these peoples actions to light and has gotten shut down left and right. I hope he is successful.

  5. Tom Wright on

    The media turn a blind eye for so long it’s pretty horrific. It is great to finally see something happening, several politicians from both the Labour and Conservative parties in England have also been sniffed out.

  6. Mary Ann Garcia on

    Donate anything at all to his project I was able to donate $20 that’s not much however if others would join me in donating $20 we can build slowly he needs 10 million if you can give more or less just give just give please

  7. S White on

    I’ve felt so much pain for the Corey’s. They both have been abused and used and forced to be quiet about it. Which led to Corey heims death. So damn sad

  8. thesacrisant on

    Name all them pedo’s , the may not walk and stand where they want , give them a ankle monitor for life or put’em in prison.

  9. Paul Gibbons on

    Should have blown this open years ago. How many poor kids have been rodgered while the truth lays buried. Internet is a weapon. Just put it out their man.

  10. Mariyah Ali on

    I remember him saying this years ago but nobody listened so, yes, he has tried to expose it. Glad people are finally listening.

  11. thersten on

    I’ll expose these terrible people……if I get $10 million so I can make a movie out it. Tell us what else would you do for money Corey?

  12. The Bearded Gamer on

    Corey, I love you brother. Always been one of my favorite actors. So glad to see you be brave and bring to light the darkness within the industry.

  13. Jon Austin on

    OK I’m not saying he’s lying. But why make a movie about it? If the goal is to put these criminals away, why does he need to make a movie and profit off of it?

  14. Constance Keller on

    I want Corey to be safe and do whatever makes him safest, while simultaneously outting the evil in Hollywood, so this stops.
    I still feel like Haim was murdered. I dont know how but something is wayyyy off with his death. And how Hollywood tried to imply it was drugs as the cause, immediately only to find out by his mother, it was not drugs at all and the “drugs” they referred to finding were HERS as she was fighting cancer… it was not her opiates! Its ridiculous. Why hide a death caused by illness, if it wasnt foul play, Hollywood?
    Then Corey Feldman getting threats and attempted murder with trucks on a crosswalk… I want him safe. We grew up with these guys. We dont want anymore tragedies!
    But we need to prevent future predators of Hollywood from hurting the kids of today and the future kids.
    So safely, please release your information Corey. My husband and I donated to the movie being made. But just get it done, so you are safe.

  15. xBradsrucax on

    I hope he’s safe. He deserves security and peace of mind for what he’s doing. He’s speaking for those who can’t. Thank you, Corey. I hope justice is brought down to those who are part of this sick environment.

  16. Donna Mcfadyen on

    So glad people are now believing corey if they had listened yrs ago he wouldn’t have gone through everything he has and corey haim would still be here poor boys. My heart goes out to them 😢😢😢

  17. 699backstab on

    Feldman wasn’t molested by anyone. he is a failed actor and a disgruntled employee who is lashing out at the people that gave him a chance. Its that simple

  18. CrazyRaven on

    you go corey, i cant wait for these hollywood pedos to be exposed and dealth with so the public know that people who believe “conspiracy theories” are not as dumb as they thought

  19. Deborah Thompson on

    COREY, YOU NEED TO STOP DANGING THIS IN THE NOSE IF ABUSERS! UK YOU NEED TO NAME NAMESSSSSS! You may have your reasons but you need to do this before they eliminate you! Understand that. You need to put all the information in a safe deposit box just in case something happens to you.

  20. sadfj ltie3 on

    For all those complaining about the money–this is a guy that knows very well what hornet’s nest he’s kicking, and what it’s going to cost to do it right. If you don’t know by now that bulletproof legal protection is expensive, I won’t waste my time explaining it to you.

    It’s disgusting what so many men and women have had to endure in this scumbag business, but I can’t help feeling that all the light they’re bringing to this dark corner can only benefit the rest of us. It takes a lot of courage to talk publicly about things our repressed culture considers shameful–my hat’s off to not only Corey, but all the folks that were abused by Weinstein, Spacey and the rest. Onward and upward. With the dirtbags back into the shadows, maybe we can finally evolve a little.

  21. JayNizzy on

    So by the time he gets the $10mil, films the movie, edits and releases it…how many more dozens of children will be abused?

    Just give up the damn names!

  22. alex autry on

    Has anyone noticed how Corey Feldman has an underdeveloped chin? I think it’s because of the endless ball sacks that were slapping against it.

  23. Aminal Bob on

    I’ve believed there is an epidemic of pedophiles in America, and the world, for many years and as long as they all go down, from every walk of life, politicians included, it’s a great time to be alive. This should impact our world in a very good way and help to save many more children from real life monsters. I just recently learned that Corey had attempted to turn these vile creatures into the police a long time ago. Until this information came to light, I was pretty upset with him for not coming forward and naming names. I’m sorry that I held such contempt for Mr. Feldman without knowing all the facts.

    I’m concerned that Corey Haim’s mother is refusing to accept what happened to her son and I hope she can come to terms with it all. She could possibly be a great help in bringing the truth out. As for the abusers… we’re coming for you and soon there won’t be anywhere to hide.

  24. Drew Peacock on

    #RobReiner is Next! He needs to interviewed, but Hollywood is protecting him. Maybe Rob Reiner is part of a ring of Pedophiles!

  25. Lucille de Lorme on

    If you were a paedophile where better to find young attractive children with compliant parents and the temporary reward of fame than Hollywood? We’ve just had all this shit come out about the BBC in Great Britain and I’m sure it’s still only the tip of the iceberg on both sides of the Atlantic.

  26. Concerned Man on

    All women have to do is name a man for sexual assault and done. When a man does it, obviously it takes years to get taken seriously. How many other kids have gone through this hell bc this guy was written off? I get it, to many false claims by many people. But yet only the women’s claims get taken seriously. No matter how many times they cry wolf.

  27. amanda on

    Next is Steven Spielberg and how he “found” Heather o rourke for poltergeist. She died at 12 from sodomy. Though a certain blog from a person in the industry is telling all the dirt of everyone but not naming names. Though…they give enough to figure it out. Here’s what I found, Steven Spielberg has Heather and Drew Barrymore passed around on a certain set from the 80s called rocky road. 4 men were molesting Heather and one ran out to call a medic, they had stuck an object in her and couldn’t get it out. She died days later from her intestines exploding. Her body showed years of abuse/sodomy. The blog post continues to say the other star lives with it until this day and had a life riddled with drugs until recently. So that would be Barrymore. Look it up you’ll see it but there’s a picture of both Heather and Barrymore on Stevens lap and it’s a very inappropriate picture.

  28. Thomas Johnson on

    Corey is truly in my thoughts and prayers. These pedophiles need to PAY THE PRICE for what they do. I just hope to God the Illuminati/powers that be do not pull a fast one and either kill him, or completely destroy his life altogether (even more). I myself have been the victim of this kind of abuse and this is NOT a crime to be swept under the f–king carpet!! 😲

  29. Ms Tea on

    He is raising $10 million for a documentary & protection? Im all for him exposing the truth. But do any of you understand HOW LITTLE a documentary cost to make. 10 million is massive. Something doesnt sound right.

  30. Leonardo Ricaprio on

    Corey’s parents are the sexual predators. He was a meal ticket and given that it was the 80’s there was a certain amount of parental ignorance then. Until Corey grows up and serves the justice to his mommy a lot of fingers are going to be still pointed. Guilty or not, mom should also be in the news. She did nothing.

  31. shaggjkh1985 on

    Sometime in the next few months he’ll have a fatal “accident” like a car wreck. They’ll shut him up somehow, he better grow eyes in the back of his head.

  32. David Gutierrez on

    I wonder ..if Robbin Williams was in fact one of these predators? maybe he at the time could not handle what he knew what was gonna go down and well kicked the stool?

  33. Dreamcatcher on

    The whole Hollywood world is f*cked up… I hope the truth comes out soon and that all these sick people get what they deserve…

  34. Blank maiden name on

    Feldman is a freak that has been passed around Hollywood for years. No surprise here. He just waited until his fave MJ was gone. Freaky Feldman.

  35. Dal V on

    Wonder if he is going to talk about the apartment he had and the drug parties he used to throw and his own sexual “experiments”?

  36. MonsterHunterRoon on

    Sex Abuse has been going on ever since the inception of Hollywood and it’s allure with promises of fame and fortune. These elements bring out the most diseased, abusive, sickos and attract them to that place. It’s amazing how much abuse has been tolerated for over a century in Hollywood. It’s staggering to me and sickening to think of all the people ruined because no one spoke out for fear of ruining their careers. It is true that Corey Feldman has been talking about the abuse in Hollywood for a long time. It’s horrifying to me that so many human beings have been abused criminally for so long and those trying to do some good are the ones who are depicted as evil. I’m sure that Hollywood and L.A. must know that a lot of very promising talent the business desperately needs won’t deal with them because of the tales of inhuman abuse. Isn’t it time this disgusting insanity was stopped?

  37. Margaret Chabot on

    Why is Corey Feldman listed on the Astral Lights cloning center under celebrities did they clone Corey Feldman?

  38. Danny Branderson on

    As a big Dodgers fan this really pissed me off. Only person working for the Dodgers that was relevant back then is Stan Kasten.

  39. Checkerzzz gaming Hi on

    Wake Up all know our kids were touched this is my brother now what no number only in my mind happy I keep some friends to my self


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