Lisa Turtle Is Sadly Unrecognizable Now

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Over 20 years ago, Lark Voorhies won the hearts of millions of kids by playing fashion-forward teen Lisa Turtle on the ’80s and ’90s sitcom, Saved by the Bell. But in the last few years, Voorhies went from being TV’s sweetheart to someone the public barely recognized. How did it all happen? Here’s a quick recap of some of her strangest behavior in recent memory.

She appeared in a bizarre Yahoo interview | 0:23
Her Mom claimed Voorhies is bipolar | 0:38
She wrote some really, really weird books | 1:07
She skipped Jimmy Fallon’s Saved by the Bell reunion | 1:47
She married a former gang member | 2:08
Then she got divorced | 2:28
She allegedly claimed she’s “not black” | 2:35

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  1. Meka Boyd on

    She s aged don t you know
    She’s not young girl she was
    On that show.
    She s probably been thru
    Unpleasent things in her life.
    Abeatiful girl. Live her
    Alone ok. Joyce

  2. Oliver Hernandez on

    Like this girl from saved by the Bell didn’t really like her that much and like I think she had some bi polar disorder and that show saved by the Bell wasent too much a fan of that show

  3. Armani aka hops 90s kid smith on

    She always been arrogant and self centered in real life but I support her because she was on save by the bell my all time favorite show.

  4. Smokey Rita on

    Someone should find her and make sure she is ok. Mental illness is a complex condition that takes love and understanding. I’d love.for.her to come back and utilize her condition to educate the masses.

  5. Sylvia North Carolina on

    People always look for down side of a person. Look for what caused it before you try to down them. Get your story straight.

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  7. nardo nard on

    Sorry for whats shes going through however thats what hollywood does uses people its like eating a good meal then shit it out and flush you down the drain all she can do is stay out the public eye and just live her life and pray to god and she will be alright

  8. finisher3x on

    People are clowning her, but she’s obviously suffering from mental issues. It could be schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorders, or what not. Plus she has an auto-immune disease ( Lupus ). So instead of making fun of her, how about trying to help her. If you can’t help her, and you’re a believer in God . . just say a prayer for her.

  9. White Noise on

    Agreed – Africans are Not Americans. Just like Americans are Not European or any other Continent. We are all Americans and with different colors of skin…

  10. ohmymonkey22 on

    Saved by the bell was too goofy like that awful show with the two small twin girls that had no talent at all that had these goofy guys bringing them up in a house full of folk. They had no talent then and still dont all grown up. Glad they are doing well with a clothes line.

  11. T on

    I am reporting this YouTube channel because it have gave out false information about a woman of color, and I hate when people like y’all always try to do so, because y’all know people in today’s world will fall for everything they hear and see on the internet these days, instead of stating facts that she have lupus, which i also have a friend with it, y’all tried to make it seem like she maybe crazy and on drugs, and y’all tried to make it seem like her career went nowhere after Save By The Bell, which is another sad attempt, because i followed her career, and soon after Save By The Bell ended she was on the soap opera The Bold & The Beautiful shortly after for some years, so don’t play with me and the people that already know the facts about her❗️

  12. T on

    Please everyone report this so that YouTube will take this down, when reporting, click on where it say Spam/or Misleading

  13. Brent Haymon on

    Why do black Americans call themselves African American. You are only African American if you or your parents were born in Africa.

  14. Romano Reid on

    I cannot understand how some white people who are severely culturally bankrupt , would even attempt to guess why blacks experience the things we do. In today’s world there will always be obstacles to overcome. However- considering that the vast majority of the world consider white Americans as already racist – I would focus on providing positive comments & public feedback .! It’s literally just disgusting and shameful for mostly white peoples to always have negative comments about minorities! It seems to be their jealousy and resentment of blacks is growing..

    Sadly,some people lose control and lose themselves at the hand of fame & popularity ! Most celebrities already have their own hidden demons that they are battling. Some are suffering from personal differences with life in general . However, life can be quite stressful.Then -when mixed with having psychological / mental health issues it can become unbearable. Then some resort to the use of drugs and alcohol to suppress what is already an unbearable suffering .

    Let’s all pray for our brothers and sisters who are in to deep! For all you alternative races of people , if you have nothing positive to say- SHUT TF UP!!

  15. Don't Fear The Reaper on

    It is called MAKEUP people, when will women understand that makeup is toxic and destroying their faces

  16. Maria Bell on

    Damn this is a very sad story watching her growing up who would have ever thought it would come to this SMH we have to take better care of ourselves

  17. Micheles Sadness on

    Gee idk most child stars get completely screwed up. It reminds me of kids from abusive homes. Should tell ya something.

  18. Gerry Johnson on

    Side note- a lot of African Americans in Hollywood are of mixed race descent. Read your American history book. IMO due to this actress’ mental issues she might not word her statements in a politically correct manner.

  19. James Bond on

    She has lupas which has no cure of course she looks different I do as well and understand always being in pain sometimes you can’t be chipper and smiling screw the critics walk a mile in those shoes

  20. john witherspoon on

    She is right, she is not african, she is american. Look up the definition of an American in the 1828 Websters Dictionary. She is the aboriginal copper-colored National peoples of the Americas. The Americas is the Al moroccan empire. So she is totally right… I got to love her and respect her for standing on the real history and hope someday she will read this. Honors to Lark Voorhies and Noble Drew Ali.

  21. La Red on

    I don’t understand how her Twitter post saying that she’s not black, that she is American, would cause controversy. The far left liberal politically correct butthurt bitches need to chill the fuck out. She wasn’t even offensive with that. I really wish her well, man. Much love to Lisa.

  22. Bill Payer on

    Stuck her with Screech, ten second marriage to a known comedian, now lupus. I wish only good for her. What was the purpose of this.

  23. Ace High on

    I had the biggest crush on her as a teenager. She was so damn cute. I hope she is doing better today. The pos media fails to mention she suffers from lupus which is very destructive towards your physical appearance.

  24. Billy Times on

    no matter how she looks she still my favorite yes lupus does affect your pysical appearance shout out to the person who mentioned lupus thank you for that

  25. Eden OMGFamsSargent on

    Seems like some major flakka to get her looking like a zombie like… her eyes just glares into space on almost every pic of her. Smh. SBTB was one of my all time favorite series and it’s sad to see the outcome of the cutest star of the show junk up her brain.

  26. Manny C Weiss on

    to whom it may concern: please keep sound level even and constant for the entire video. It is so annoying when you’re watching a video and suddenly WHAMMO the music comes on 30 times louder than verbal parts.

  27. Amanda on

    I always thought Lark as Lisa from SBTB was the most humble and cutest girl I’ve seen on TV since my teen-hood. I hope she’s still doing okay. I feel really bad for her. She’s gone through a lot.

  28. Burkley Jones on

    I love Lark and wish her nothing but the best…people need to leave her alone…go pick on yourself!!

  29. Rocky Rhoads on

    Sounds like she has been struggling w/ the truth- she knows it & everybody else tries to make her feel bad for acknowledging it- she’s AMERICAN! How many other young people are struggling with this terrible situation: either conform to our deceit (denying the truth of where you were born, America), or be ostracized & condemned from your community. How many youths have been damaged due to a few racists, I mean, civil rights leaders who push a political agenda instead of a human agenda. God Bless you Lark!

  30. Hasdagod on

    Well actually… She’s Correct wen she says she’s Not black. Also wen she says she’s an American.Google definition of (American).It’s obvious she’s Indigeniously Native! See def of American…

  31. David Stephens on

    She’s right though. I was born in America as well. I should be classified as an American. It’s a mistake that we call ourselves African American when we weren’t born in Africa and have nothing to do with Africans. For some reason lots of people think we are all descendants of the slaves that were brought over but we are not. We have people from all over the world.


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