The Best Network TV Shows Nobody Is Talking About

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There are hundreds of scripted television series, and with cable channels, streaming services, and even tech companies like Facebook and Apple creating their own original programming, the list of TV options is only getting more crowded. Network TV might not be the trendiest destination these days, but after all these decades, they still know what they’re doing. In fact, the networks still produce consistently impressive content, even if much of it seems to get lost in the shuffle. Here are some of the best network TV shows that nobody’s talking about…

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | 0:28
Fresh Off the Boat | 1:09
Good Girls | 1:36
Speechless | 2:10
Superstore | 2:41
Trial and Error | 3:13
iZombie | 3:45

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  1. S Tabarnak on

    You lost me when you started a video about “ignored gems” with the most contrived comic book show (in an already overcrowded and banal comic book TV universe). I spent the entire season marveling (pun intended) over the cheap sets and praying that Coulson and the entire cast would discover they were still itrapped n the matrixeque simulation of the last season and just shoot themselves out of frustration (taking Josh Whedon with them). WORST show on TV and an insult to the intelligence of its viewers,

  2. LimitedSpartan on

    Shield has been ass for the last 2 seasons… I feel like looper is shilling. In fact shield gets rated so poorly people were expecting it to be cancelled.

  3. Nathan on

    Yes! I love agents of shield but if you watch it a heads up that the third season is a struggle but the fourth and fifth seasons are on point.

  4. Marcos Fernandes de Sousa Júnior on

    I liked iZombie up until they censored all of the blood and zombie killing in the season finale…

  5. appolospbvxr on

    Agents of Shield might be suffering as a lot of people (Not all) are suffering from super hero overload as its pretty much all thats churned out these days movie wise.

  6. Michael Hamm on

    I started watching that zombie one..stopped early on!..gotta grab me soon on or I’m gone!!…and Breaking Bad ruined me for disabled actors!!!…again..totally ruined me for tv series disabled actors in a tv series!!!…

  7. Captain Captain on

    100 bucks says next season of agents of shield will be it’s last. Here’s why,
    1. They killed coulson, and bringing him back after that dramatic send off unceremoniously just to struggle through a 6th season would be as bad as having the show without him.
    2. This season was supposed to be the last, that’s why they ended it and didn’t end with a setup for next season. The renewal was last minute, literally.
    3. It was only renewed for 13 episodes, never a good sign.
    4. Ratings have been low for several seasons now.
    5. The next season won’t begin until after the next avengers film releases, that’s a long fucking time.
    6. Despite evidence to the contrary, everyone from the actors to the showrunners insist the show takes place in the mcu, and that is about to get seriously shaken up…again.
    7. It’s had 5 seasons, and that’s about the average for a good show, 4 to 7 seasons. So ending with a 6th season sounds right.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. I am so sad, because once upon a time ended, gotham is ending, and now I just know agents of shield is too. Push aside your hopes, look at the facts, you know it’s true. Maybe, just maybe, it will be the last season on abc, and then disney will continue the show on thier streaming service set to release next year, kinda like american dad, or community. Regardless, I just don’t see it getting a 7th season.

  8. Levi Roch on

    Lol, superstore. . . We have stores called cloud 9 in australia. . . Its where you buy you bongs and (and i fucking love this term) smoking paraphernalia

  9. FilmscoreMetaler on

    The reason why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t as popular any more is because it has become irrelevant. The agents have been dealing with virtual realities, other dimensions, time travelling and stuff over the last seasons none of which matters on the overall MCU story. The authors can basically rewind the story timeline any way they need at this point so it feels like nothing really has an impact any more. Also there isn’t actually a real S.H.I.E.L.D. any more. The series was good whenever the agency was strong, featuring technology and powerful artifacts. Now they’re just reacting to shit that happens to them since several seasons. Everything feels so small-scale, self-centered and at times claustrophobic. I miss the times when they were part of a rich Marvel multiverse involving Hydra, the Avengers, the official timeline, Fury and those things. Today watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. feels like watching Andromeda, some left survivors versus the opponent of the week and an overall goal that never comes any closer.

  10. djhutchison on

    Yeah, no. AoS had two seasons to win me over, and it failed. They had Clark Gregg, that should be good enough right there. No, HYDRA didn’t make the show any better for me.

  11. Kattis Small on

    This last season of Agents of Shield was AMAZING. I didn’t like the series when I first started watching it, but it just got better and better each season. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it.

  12. 19buseye71 on

    Probably the reason why is that they’re not as good enough to attract a vast audience to watch them but are entertaining under a million viewers that likes to watch those shows.

    I’m among the several thousands of people who likes to watch “Colony” every week on the USA Network.
    Its not that great of a show but the plot is what’s got me hooked.
    I’d say in about another year or so it’ll be all finished up because its not drawing very good ratings.

  13. Emeli D on

    I just finished watching agents of shield today and honestly it’s so amazing. It’s rare that a show just gets better and better but they manage to do it. The Agents Of Hydra part is absolutely brilliant.

  14. writerpatrick on

    People are talking about SHIELD. But there hasn’t been all that much about it lately to talk about.

    Sitcoms are easily ignored. Ever since they started to ruin them in the 80s with “very special episodes” which took all the comedy out of the shows.

  15. Robert Polanco on

    Personally, I am interested in seeing two TV shows that needed to be brought back: “Quantum Leap” and “Amazing Stories.” I am very disappointed in why they have not been talked about for years. They were great shows with interesting storylines and they deserve a second chance just like other recently rebooted shows on TV these days.

  16. Trish Armijo on

    Agents of Shield is the best tv show. The appearance of Ghost Rider in season 4 was priceless. Such a great character and perfectly acted by Gabriel Luna ❤️

  17. CSP 21 on

    I’ve never agreed so much with one of your lists. Agents of SHIELD and Fresh off the boat are awesome. The rest of your lists are mostly trash tho. Lol.

  18. Matthew Miller on

    I love SHIELD. The past two seasons have been fantastic. Even though season 1 is a little tough to get through until the Winter Soldier tie-in, it’s eventually great. Season 4 was probably the best season of a show I’d ever seen.

  19. coladict on

    What do you mean no one is talking about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? It’s awesome! I haven’t stopped following it since the first episode came out.

  20. coladict on

    You should have added 12 Monkeys to the list. Sure, the release schedule is weird, but the first 3 seasons always managed to keep the pressure on. I’m about to start watching the 4th season today.

  21. DarkQuake on

    Agent of shield is vey underrated. It one of the best superhero tv shows and it always gets better and more interesting

  22. Kerrie Parker on

    You know what the funniest bit of this whole video was? Saying Agents of SHIELD had “likeable characters”. That’s the reason I gave up on the show, none of the characters were likeable!

  23. VampireMadonna on

    iZombie gets so little recognition. It’s honestly one of the best shows that the CW has ever had but of course it’s ending far sooner than some of its other run-of-the-mill teen drama fare.

    Good Girls is also a really good new show. Superstore and Fresh have consistently delivered and the few eps that I’ve seen of Speechless were quite funny. It’s always risky when featuring a character with some kind of illness but they handle it well.

  24. Craig Claassen on

    Fresh off the boat= good 😆😆😆😆😆

    I can’t even stand the last few seconds before the next programme begins.

  25. Dean on

    agents of shield, seriously the worst tv-show ever made. It was great first season than they made main actor ward and the only actor who knew how to act to be bad and everyhting just went down the hill, bad writing and bad stories.

  26. SethAngelo 13 on

    Okay, don’t get me wrong…
    I’ve followed agents of shield since the beginning, and I loved it… But it annoys me when people suddenly jump into the fandom just because it was featured in videos like these… I mean, it’s great that people are starting to recognize the show that I have always loved… But, there are people who suddenly jump into the bandwagon, and it clearly shows that they’re not as sincere as we(fans from the beginning) are towards the show,… I mean, I don’t know about you, but for me, I feel a little bit annoyed…
    Again, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice for the fandom to grow

  27. SethAngelo 13 on

    In my (internet and social media) environment, iZombie isn’t underrated, and it was always talked about, and I can see that, the show is amazing, tho, I don’t think it should be in this list… Yes, the show is amazing, but it’s not underrated… In my environment, it was talked about, and I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one

  28. JossieM16 on

    Agents of shield is such an amazing show, one of my favorites, I really love it. If you haven’t watched yet well you should give it a try, at leats give it one season or two 😁
    oh and Izombie is on my list, I will watch it as soon as I have the chance!

  29. Serenity on

    Everyone says season one sucks but I loved it. It was a starting point for the agents. That’s why I love this show. The character development is the best imo. Can’t have everyone on god level and not know how they got there.

  30. Kevin Toner on

    Stopped watching after Agents of Shield.
    Watched most of the first season, forcing myself to watch it because I wanted to be up to date with the MCU. But couldn’t finish it. It was way to childish. If your like 6 or 7 I guess you’ll like it, but any older it’s just awful.
    It is nowhere near close to being as good as nextflixes marvel TV shows (ignoring the defenders and iron fist of course)

  31. Venera Seiti Nonaj on

    Trial and error is a genius comedy. Them along with The Good Place are comedic gold. They made sitcoms great again.

  32. Broomsticks & Magick on

    I love agents of sheld, good girls, trial and error and supertore are shows i like to watching. Cannnot wait for the next season but I persume trial and error wouldnt be getting another season though.

  33. Alex Aran on

    I am not a fan of marvel…I watched Agents of shield for the first time when the show was already on his third season..I watched all the 3 seasons…and now I am a fan…unexpected things happens in this show..every new season is more and more interesting ..


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