The Real Reason Behind The Big Bang Theory’s Ratings Drop

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After more than a decade as a CBS primetime mainstay, The Big Bang Theory remains one of the most popular shows on TV. However, fewer and fewer people are regularly tuning in to see what the most famous fictional nerds in the world are up to each week. So how come Big Bang isn’t popping the way it used to? Let’s explore …

TV ratings are down overall | 0:21
It’s hard to stream | 1:02
Blame football | 1:48
It’s part of a dying breed | 2:51
It’s a different show | 3:35
It’s inevitable | 4:19

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  1. Mr_Fantastic_Aj on

    Long running shows …. Come to the UK emmerdale eastenders and coronation street have been on longer than I’ve been alive.

  2. Bo Huggabee on

    ratings dropped because the show changed. sheldon isn’t the same character, and took on a more annoying personna, while letting the gay out. he was acting before, now its just cacky. leonard became a douche. penny is just all over the place. the indian guy went complete metro sexual out of nowhere. then they pretty much cut out all science and intelligence and went for adult life relate to this story telling which kills all shows. most of the fan base can’t relate to it anymore. they had a good run though

  3. Svenky on

    The show ussed to be for Man, back than it was funny. Now the show is for woman, and woman suck fun out of everything. MGTOW Rules

  4. Arnab Ghosh on

    This is a rating drop? Have you fucking seen a the rating of TWO AND A HALF MEN? One of America’s most popular and funniest sitcom got downgraded to 7.1 !!

  5. Artemis on

    The show is not the same anymore. I watched from season 1 to season 8 but stopped losing interest in season 8. It’s not as funny, it’s almost cringeworthy now. It just isn’t the same. And as someone who is a member of the nerd/geek persuasion like the guys on TBBT, it’s gets more difficult to watch yourself every day.

    But honestly, the funniness is gone. I watched clips from this past season on YouTube. I didn’t laugh once. They’ve run out of jokes

  6. jay bird on

    *THEY HAD TO GROW BUT WHEN THAT HAPPENED IT SHOULD’VE ENDED!* Penny and Lenard got married..great…eloping…perfect…
    *Howard and Bern getting married and having kids Should’ve been the LAST episodes* …. where in part one you show their wedding and at their recpetion, their wedding makes Sheldon realize how unstupid marriage is when you love someone so he surprises Amy with an on the spot proposal saying he doesn’t have a ring yet but here’s one I made from a napkin that I will replace with whatever hunk or cabron you want…then part two opening saying (1 year later) and you see that Amy and Sheldon got married, Howard and Bernadette had a baby who they name after his mom…Raj got a girlfriend who had a dog too so they are a cute couple…while during the episode the boys are awarded some kinda scientific achievement for figuring out whatever and get a huge cash bonus with it where they are able to live out their lives..then it ends with Penny taking a pregnancy test that she thought was negative but at the end finds out that she is pregnant and everyone is happy. THAT would’ve been a great 2 part series finale ending. Not this dragging on weddings and babies for 2 seasons….with the unrealistic omg we have 2 children whom we never see b.s. ….it became repeative nonsense which veered far from where it began and tried to continue on that way….were now up to Sheldon and Amy got married….k now what? Theyre all married, all work and one couple have 2 babies yet they are all unrealistically so unbusy that they can spend all their free time together…kk… ughh

  7. Charles Driggers on

    To me ,they are reinventing themselves and that is a good thing. The show is evolving and is still a great one.

  8. Jane Doe on

    tbbt used to really make me laugh, it hardly ever makes me laugh now, so I’ve stoped watching it! It used to be a about nerdy and awkward geeks (male and female) which I loved (being one myself), now it’s just dysfunctional relationships, not funny!

  9. thomas thompson sunshinescopes on

    I dont watch it because i dont have cable and im not gonna pay per episode for any freaking thing for streaming…

  10. Jack Mathis on

    The story line sucks. It’s about pregnancy and half a season on a wedding. It’s ran it’s course i think

  11. Dicerolledan8 on

    People arent falling for the youre not laughing because you dont understand it crap. Its just not funny.

  12. RyuShinkuuHadoken on

    I am pretty sure the reason is because it stopped being funny after the first few seasons. I forgot about it after season 4 or 5 I think.

  13. Ed A on

    Sheldon’s antics were entertaining for first 2 seasons. During and After that, pennies sexy displays made the show go further. Then she was turned into BORING AS HELL.

  14. Nick Usalis Knight on

    This show, and the Walking Dead, both should have ended! No one seems to be willing to pull the plug, or to early on more promising newer shows.

  15. Alex Ross on

    I loved the first three seasons. When it was just four nerds and a hot girl next door who was out of their league. They just did geeky stuff and had LAN parties and movie marathons. The third season Leonard got Penny and Howard got a girlfriend that didn’t last until later. I was able to tolerate it. But then everyone including Sheldon started getting girlfriends and then I lost interest. It was becoming every other show and the comedy was going away. Not much more geeky pop culture stuff, now it’s all about relationships and kids and the only nerdy stuff is their jobs. And somehow they’re able to meet almost every celebrity in California like Stan Lee, the original cast of Star Wars, LaVar Burton, Steve Wozniak, Adam West, etc.

  16. Connor RK800 on

    If they go back to being nerdy and not hang out with Penny Bernadette and Amy, the show will be back on track
    And Sheldon isn’t as funny as before, in fact he became more empathetic and generous

  17. Pauline on

    The Big Bang Theory turned from a legit sitcom into a badly implemented drama about relationships that tries hard to make it funny all the while by (over)using that obnoxious laugh track.

  18. Pauline on

    The Big Bang Theory turned from a legit sitcom into a badly implemented drama about relationships that tries hard to make it funny all the while by (over)using that obnoxious laugh track.
    Heck, even the spin-off “Young Sheldon” has a way better quality than the original show.

  19. Dr Google on

    This show sucks a lot it makes nerds seem like they have no life and just make references at every sentence they tell

  20. Gelosters on


  21. Standingbbbi on

    These people are far from the truth. Most of the time, I stay away (unless, perhaps it is the only entertainment) from all main stream tv and use private channels/blogs. This is because of the extreme amount of deception being broadcast. I don’t just mean in Politics but the deception about Us in particular. Someday they will have to look out the window and see the truth before they broadcast. They lie so bad they recklessly endanger our lives and destroyed most of the country.
    As for Big Bang (still a favorite of mind) they changed most of the format, characters, etc. NOw they just bully people.

  22. SwallowFox on

    I thought the real reason was because people finally realized how toxic and unfunny the show was… guess that’s just my opinion

  23. Valentina on

    They should have slowed down on all the relationships, at least make them less frequent, and focus more on the main characters like in the first few seasons. Penny could have married a new interesting character (that adds a different perspective to the show, someone to shake things up a lil bit) before marrying Leonard. Sheldon should have finally won a Nobel’s prize in physics, Howard & Bernedete shouldn’t have had 2 kids and gotten married as soon as they did. Raj sister Priya should have been back for a couple more episodes. Raj should have stayed a hopeless romantic…

  24. Raza Ali on

    Loved the show until season 8 which I think was the last good season, then continued watching it until mid season 10 then kinda gave up on it. At this point I think it’s time to just cancel the show before it really goes down hill.

  25. Raza Ali on

    As well they keep reusing old jokes which aren’t as funny like raj’s relationships. They should give him a stable partner that he doesn’t screw up.

  26. Hrishiraj Rabha on

    It was OK until Bernadette came, After Amy it all became a romantic nerd show. And Raj being slowly cast away. It lost its originality.

  27. Cancer Police on

    Making characters get married is how you conclude a show so if you make characters get married and dont end it then you’re just killing the show

  28. kay kay on

    Yeah I don’t have cable I stream I have Hulu and Netflix pisses me off that Hulu doesn’t pick CBS bullshit up

  29. Abhilash on

    ‘Its not what it used to be’ is my reason.
    It used to be a bunch of nerdy boy-men geniuses going gaga over science and penny. Now they are just boys who lost their uniqueness and are run by the mom-women. That mom like condescention is such a turn off. Why cant they all be young and fun?

  30. Nathaniel Aiken on

    Yeah dude, this show has become “Friends with Benefits”. More a relationship comedy than a nerd farceur.

  31. Levi on

    At the beginning it was about a group of nerdy guys doing nerdy things. We laughed about and sometimes related to their inept attempts to navigate life. Now it is just about the romantic relationships. Bored. Changing the channel.

  32. Rishabh Sharma on

    See why a show really works is due to one major factor – how relatable it is to the target audience. For example : from hannah montana to vampire diaries, all was set in high school or college time which has more audience (young generation) than any other category.

    What bbt aimed at was nerd, geeky living with contrast of penny (modern but kinda dumb compared to nerds) which believe it or not is very relatable to many.

    But with upcoming seasons, that plot line diminished. Now most of them are married and settled which I don’t think the audience relates to. Though still comic, it has become more of a drama genre than what it used to be. I miss that bbt. I stopped watching after season 9.

  33. Standingbbbi on

    someone needs to inform California the rest of the country has started to boycott everything California (including films and TV). How about an episode in Big Bang that is closer to real life. For example: Lets have Howard train an illegal to replace himself as an engineer (yep, education and all), then loose his job. Bernadette can then loose her job to Big Corporation Cuts (so can Penny), the result being they loose their home to taxes they can no longer pay so have to live in a tent in tent city (consistently being forced to move). Both their children are taken away by protective services (notice: illegals had their children returned), while their house is sold to illegals in tax auction. Sheldon visits them in their tent, brought them some sandwiches for a picnic and is arrested for feeding the homeless. (Leonard cant look them in the eye). You might even have their counter characters make a guest star appearance soliciting funds for the homeless from Amy after having appeared with Stephen Colbert and talking about Habitats for Humanity and bragging about how many Illegals now have homes in America because of them (adding even more to the mile long tent cities throughout California) (Notice: I quit watching when the Hate They have for REAL
    AMERICANS started coming out. I think I and many other REAL AMERICANS would watch again they ever represented the truth, please note: there are no foreign accents in any tent city.


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