The Real Reason Why The Simpsons Movie Sequel Was Never Made

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Hopes, rumors, and then actual news of a movie based on the long-running TV classic The Simpsons floated around for years before The Simpsons Movie was released in 2007. It was worth the wait. A hilarious animated adventure with a big story befitting the big screen, the film made more than $500 million at the worldwide box office. It’s been 10 years since everyone’s favorite four-fingered Springfield residents proved they could make the jump from television—so how come they haven’t made The Simpsons Movie 2 yet?

A good idea | 0:28
Already used it | 1:00
Too many ideas | 1:44
Matt Groening isn’t thrilled | 2:24
Busy Simpsons | 3:10
The Simpsons is still on TV | 3:39
Fox hasn’t ordered one yet | 4:21

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  1. maxis2k on

    As one of the biggest Simpsons fans in the world, the show should ave ended with the first movie. They already has 7-8 really lackluster seasons by that point and the movie ended on a surprising high note. The final scene itself was a literal “riding into the sunset.” Everything about the movie felt like it was the end. But then they just kept making more episodes. And the show got even worse, being just a big advertisement for every celebrity or political idea they could shove in there. The show has become a satire of itself.

    And their excuse that making a movie would take too many resources from the TV show is just bogus. Most of the best writers already left the show before season 12. The majority of the people there now are new writers and associate producers. This is why the movie was such a big deal, because they got a lot of the veteran people back to do that movie. They could easily have two teams working separately. Matt and the “old crew” working on the movie and then have Al Jean and all his writers work on the TV show.

    The biggest thing hurting a new movie is 1) The massive amount of money all the voice actors/producers would demand and 2) The majority of the public are long since tired of The Simpsons, so the movie would probably do poorly.

  2. BMoney8600 on

    I loved The Simpsons Movie and I’d have to agree with most people, sequels aren’t as good as the original movie.

  3. evilution on

    I think they didn’t make a 2nd one because the 1st one was total shit but people had to go and see it to find that out. People aren’t going to fall for the same mistake twice.

  4. Axel Kasai on

    I’m not thrilled on the idea of simpsons being over for the possibility of a movie cuz I don’t care what people think the simpsons is still good (beats family guy anyway) so seeing the death of the show with a shaky promise of a movie to send it off wouldn’t be a great idea if they can’t deliver so it’s better to let the show live for however long it has left

  5. Jake Pulley on

    A Simpsons movie could have the same effect as the 2015 SpongeBob movie. Forcing the crew to take a look and what’s happened to the tone and characters over the years and start putting more focus on being something fresh and new that’s in the same spirt as the original episodes. All SpongeBob has to do now is ride this new wave of momentum and charm until it’s end (which hopefully is the 3rd movie in 2020 as Nick is starting to move towards the Loud House).

    Or a Simpsons movie 2 it could just end the series on a high note by giving us something that has the characters written properly (I mean, the movie came right after some of the worst seasons in the show that ruined it for most people but was good with the emotional core and knew how to keep everyone likeable). I mean, I want Homer to be the dumb but well meaning father, Marge to be the nagging but still supportive mother, Bart to be a charismatic troublemaker but I’d still a good person deep down and Lisa to be an strong willed activist that knows when she’s gone too far. There are still glimpses of these well rounded, smartly written characters somewhere in the show even in season 29 and they still have moments that show the writers are still aware how these characters should be acting.

  6. Adam Sandler Deserves An Oscar on

    I think a sequel film should be the end of the Simpsons although I’d still like them to do a new treehouse of horror episode once a year there’s plenty of movies they can parody

  7. Danny Platt on

    Cos the first Simpsons movie was seriously crap the only best thing bout it was spiderpig, homer on the demolition ball and is stuck between a rock and a hard place and when homer has a choice between a jetpack and glue to climb the dome he choses the glue.

  8. Hermit Unbias on

    Just a bunch of passive irrational excuses is all I’m hearing.. “Oh we don’t have a good idea.. Oh no wait we have too many ideas for a sequel..” just stfu and let fans do the writing for you. Also if you wanna make a great franchise, just search up theories from your first movie and use most of them throughout the franchise! It’s not rocket science and it’s a fuckin win win win for everyone!

  9. Richie 1138 on

    Disney won’t want it.
    They’ll likely cancel the show after Season 30.

    It’s not funny anymore, so it’s unlikely any great ideas would come out of the writers for a movie

  10. Asa Hamarrhjarta on

    The simpsons movie wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it just wasn’t all that good either. Very underwhelming. I’d love to watch them have another go at a movie though.

  11. Hannah Banana on

    To all of you who thinks it’s bland they’re running out of ideas for the show witch in turn is making it almost impossible for them to find a huge idea so that it wouldn’t just be a really long one of the bland episodes.

  12. D T on

    A tree house of terror would be great and one of the stories could be the simpsons as a super hero family, like the incredibles, another sequal long overdue.

  13. Mike D on

    Because there are too many episodes and they ran out of ideas to make a sequel because a lot of the earlier episodes were already ideas for the sequel I guess.

  14. dagnytheartist on

    Making another Simpsons movie doesn’t sound like a good idea until at least a few years after the show itself ends.
    1. Like the video said, the writers are too busy to make a movie while making the show.
    2. Some of the most creative ideas happen when you’re not trying to come up with them. I bet that, after the show ends and the writers aren’t constantly writing episodes anymore, they could think of a few ideas and be able to use one of them for a movie.
    3. They would generate much more hype for a movie after the general public assumes the Simpsons is over. “OMG the Simpsons is coming back they’re making another movie everybody should go see it!”

  15. dagnytheartist on

    Oh, maybe a sequel idea could be a flashback sort of thing that looks at one of the other characters (not the main family.) Maybe Mr. Burns? Like there’s a secret he’s been hiding, and through circumstance Homer has to help him (that’s the A plot). Meanwhile, Lisa does a little project for school that turns into a huge political activism thing (that’s the B plot), and eventually this collides with what Burns and Homer were doing. But also, Burns and Smithers fight about something (parallel to Homer and Marge’s fighting in the first movie) and Burns realizes he cares about Smithers (like in a friendship way, but you could read more into it if you want). Ok, this idea is full of holes like swiss cheese, but that was nice to think about.

  16. Will Marsden on

    “Don’t want to attempt another big screen project for the sake of doing it”
    – seemed like they did with the first movie.

  17. Smash Er on

    They should have made the “everscream terrors” Halloween episode, where lisa gets scared into a movie. If they do make a sequel, they should have family guy, futurama and rick and morty cameos.

  18. Voltaic Fire on

    They could do what South Park did and just have an overarching narrative in a season instead of a separate movie.

  19. JIM PATS LOSE on

    Why? The Simpsons should have BEEN OVER Years ago! It was 1995. I watched 12 episodes of 1 season. Friends and Beavis and Butthead were good. But at least it ended!! Why keep feeding us this?
    Homer or Marge: Could be divorced or ONE of them could be dead (They would be at least 58 by now)
    Bart: Make him at least 20. He was a wild child than a real version could be he died at 30 WHILE DRUNK!
    END The Simpsons? Should be at least Season 19. It is out!

  20. Ledor Bloodraven on

    So they don’t go for the obvious cash grab and instead want to take their time to make sure the sequel will be good. Well would you look at that 2017 Hollywood. There are still Film makers out their who aren’t satisfied with just slapping some brand name on a movie.

  21. JimbyVids on

    As an avid fan of the Simpsons, it pains me to say this ….. The real reason there hasn’t been a second movie (imho) is because the first movie was abysmal. I left the cinema disappointed.

  22. Onion and Green Onion on

    i hope you do realize they are currently are working on the first stages of the sequel right? they are currently writing the story and script.

  23. youthgirl08 on

    If the producers went on a fan fiction website & found something there they’d be surprised. There are a lot of fans who can write some tear jerking stuff. I read one where Homer had died of a nuclear fume that caused him to have cancer & die (he was helping his friends escape the plant before him when the fumes were getting released). The intense flash backs they gave Marge to have literally had me in tears but Flanders was helping her as much as he could.
    Or one where Marge & Homer were brutally murdered in front of the children so Bart & Lisa went to live with Grandpa in South Park (it was a South Park crossover) & Maggie was raised by the Lovejoys. The whole town of Springfield kept from Maggie that she was a Simpson. But when Bart & Lisa were grown & Grandpa was dying they returned to Springfield (also went into their house later where Grandpa commits suicide in Marge & Homer’s bedroom to relieve himself from suffering anymore).. All in all it was a good read too.
    Y’all these are some good fan fictions!! I have never cried so hard in my life!!!!

  24. Ghotyo Locanisyn on

    “im super duper rich, I don’t wanna make another one if it doesn’t make me super super richeder”

  25. TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More on

    Well Disney’s now bought fox and you know what their like with sequels they either do one or not

  26. Amaranthus616 on

    “We want it to be really good” Like the rest of the show then? I don’t think that’s a real reason for not making it….probably can’t be bothered. Kinda glad about it, I got quite tired by the end of it. Although a film about the 80’s couch gag might be nice….the humour would change for the art style, might be quite refreshing. The show’s become so bland and forgettable.

  27. MS4life GD on

    since and the crew is thinking of ending the series on season 30 and that season is coming soon, or might be already out, i predict the simpsons movie 2 will release right after season 30’s finale. 2019 maybe?


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