The Untold Truth Of Ghost Adventures

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Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that Ghost Adventures is pretty darn entertaining. Yet, there’s more to this series than just investigating creepy, abandoned areas with extensive paranormal histories. So let’s investigate the untold truths behind the guys of Ghost Adventures.

The EMF incident | 0:19
Zak Bagans’ spooky collectible | 1:06
The macabre extends to their real lives | 1:43
Too scary, even for them | 2:09

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  1. vapid rabbit on

    i wondered what happened to that house… what a putz to tear it down! if it’s really as haunted as claimed, it could produce real, reliable evidence.
    i just lost respect for zak… not that i ever respected him that much.

  2. Stephanie Washington on

    God hes sooo cute..and where as normally i laugh when he tries to make others go into the basement…or the scariest parts of locations..and how he screams like a girl sometimes..but i must say, besides him acting a lil chicken-ish sometimes..he was quite brave when he risked his life boarding up the windows of demon house and staying the night by himself…to bad it messed him up.

  3. Stephanie Washington on

    DEMON HOUSE by Zac now on youtubes…jus watched mins ago…AMAZING! will hav u rethinkin shit on the daily.

  4. Alex Parr on

    The only ghost Zak Bagans has ever caught is the ghost he squirted into his own pants after his nipples got so cold from standing in lonely decrepit buildings in the middle of nowhere that he involuntarily summoned forth a puddle of his own DNA.

  5. 19buseye71 on

    Well,there is such a thing as ghosts.
    What isn’t real is the bullshit with these so called “ghost hunters”.
    How and when they present themselves is of their own and not yours.

  6. Justin McKinney on

    The show has never provided any real proof of ghosts / demons. So why exactly would Zak buy a (supposedly) demon-infested house in Michigan and then demolish it BEFORE using it to get evidence of the supernatural? That literally makes no sense.

  7. Jason Pettit on

    Host adventures is one of those most legit gots hunting teams on television not to date,after Penn state paranormal team has had there tragic bullshit,always a host adventure fan for sure

  8. Katie White on

    I once went to cry baby bridge I could see a figure of a face I went with some friends of mine from school

  9. Z lives matter on

    I believe in: ghosts, bigfoot & Russian Kremlin Government Sponsored Lying Propaganda Brainwashing BULLSHIT 💩🐂💩

  10. AnimeJT Shadow on

    Every one has very interesting opinions in the the comment section. Tbh most people don’t believe about things until they experience it themselves. XD

  11. Lauren Stanley on

    My roommate is into this show. I think they’re creepy weirdos indulging people in weird thinking and then benefiting from it. Honestly prayer and clinging to God or praying with someone or in a house would do far more than ‘ghost hunting.’ It’s crap.

  12. Mabu_Ninja -101 on

    I love ghost adventures, but there is one thing I don’t agree with. I believe in God and demons, and I believe spirits exist. But I do not believe in ghosts. When someone dies their spirit goes to either heaven or hell. The bible says nothing about the ghosts of the deceased haunting the earth. I believe that all of the paranormal activity recorded on the show are ALL demons. The demons manifest themselves into whatever they want. Weather it is something violent, or innocent like the boy in the titanic episode. They make themselves seem like human spirits, and haunt areas to lead people astray, to lead them away from God. That’s my opinion.

  13. Counter Strike GO BROS! on

    I was literally just watching the live special last night, and now I find out that he killed her and himself whoa

  14. Mike Hays on

    DO you know what you get when you cross Jersey Shore with anything paranormal? GA…I’m convinved the entire show is fake

  15. Girom Christian Calica on

    Ghost: *makes a noise in the kitchen at 2AM*
    Me, at the fridge looking for a snack: come fight me in the dark

  16. Richard Redner on

    The one shot that americas biggest douchebag had to show REAL paranormal activity, and what does he do? He demolishes it. WHAT AN IDIOT!

  17. Michael Wilson on

    Stupid son of a bitch, that house had meaning, now I have to find the house and rebuild it, now way in he’ll that I’m leaving them to die like that

  18. steven nurak on

    if there were some possesion tragedy and police were involve in some of them, why dont the scientist start to do their research about this spirts and demons thing, or maybe they are already doing their research but keep it underground from public…

  19. Shannon Mcglond on

    Watching them since 2007! Love the show but I call it Douche Adventures. Zac is a complete tool! Seriously! They catch some amazing things and I’m a true fan but yea, Douche Adventures starring Douche Baggins. He’s always yelling at Nick and Aaron to calm down when he’s the one acting up. Great show though!

  20. Ashley Hexenrai on

    I believe in ghosts and the paranormal but I don’t think these guys are showing us the real deal. My hats are off to them for going to spooky places in the dark though. The fact is; you don’t need spooky places. Ghosts and other entities are all around us all the time. Everywhere is haunted. You just have to know how to get their attention and interact.

  21. Joshua Steele on

    He bought the van from America jewler and pawn which is hard core pawn in Detroit they payed a few thousand dollars for it and sold for 32,000 unbelievable

  22. Jenn on

    Wouldn’t destroying the house make the Demons and/or spirits in the house wander around and free to roam and attach themselves to anything?

  23. Crown & Coke on

    Absolute garbage-Much better without all the gadgets
    Just roll with a camera & audio
    I lost interest in all these shows when they unveiled a spirit box – wtf…

  24. The Sound of Legends on

    Man, you totally left out his physical injuries sustained while investigating the house and the footage of the demon that did it. Kinda made him sound like a pussy which feels like a bit of a sensational cheep shot imo.


    This is absolutely the worst looper video I’ve ever watched. Got something else? Cause I don’t know what the point of this video was… No surprise. Thanks for nothing.

  26. Reshikrom 813 on

    *Some people believe in ghosts. Some people don’t* There are things in this world that we will never fully understand *understand* . We want answers.

  27. eddie Towers on

    Still? 2018 and people still believe in ghosts? Do ya know how to tell any accounts of “ghost encounters” fake? This simple phrase: Only man will not let a ghost go naked. so all ghost encounters describes a clothed ghost, despite the fact that one is born nude and dies naked, meaning…you can’t take earthly possessions with you, even the Sunday bests one may be buried in.

  28. jay love on

    Someone help me here, now the demon house in Indiana was the real deal, it would have ended all debates about the paranormal, child protective services have video proof of child walking across the wall and ceiling that lived in this house. You are a host of a paranormal show AND YOU HAVE THE HOUSE TORE DOWN?????  Trust me when I say, COVER UP!

  29. S. G. on

    What a fool , if he’s not possessed now , eventually he could be . Doing this sort of thing opens a doorway to the preternatural/ demonic. Suicide is murdering yourself , so that Van is dangerous , another possible doorway to the diabolical. Fact NOT opinion.

  30. Mina Salamey on

    Demon House was not too scary for them he may have gotten creeped out by he bought the house he filmed entire movie and I and he says that was a weird house


    Nice guy bagans. He’s very nice person met him at his new museum here in vegas. It’s down the street where I live.

  32. Shmacked Muffins on

    It’s kind of convenient how the tore down the house after he made that Demon house movie. Why not let other people investigate it? hmmm

  33. lauren bell on

    I like Ghost Adventures and I get a good feeling off of Zac I think he’s genuine.. bulldozing that house at his own expense I think a lot of houses need that

  34. Science Narixel on

    boo I cant believe they destroyed the would have been a great place to catch spooky stuff on camers

  35. Steel Magnolia on

    I guess the rubble isn’t as dangerous anymore and have to be sealed because it’s apart of his museum that anyone can walk through now.

  36. Tina Hughes on

    Omg ,no! Mark actually killed Debbie!? 🙁 I guess that explains why we have not seen her on t.v. since


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