The Untold Truth Of Hardcore Pawn

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The stars of Hardcore Pawn will tell you that a story comes with every item that passes through their shop’s doors, and they’re not kidding. Only a small fraction of those stories actually makes it on the air, however. The rest are left on the cutting room floor, to later be dusted off and presented here…

Les Gold once owned Dr. Kevorkian’s van | 0:20
Seth Gold: Man of the people | 1:05
They’re patriots | 1:43
Ashley Gold Broad runs an honest shop | 2:07
They have celebrity clientele | 2:37
One episode has a tragic postscript | 3:04
Why are they always in the same clothes? | 3:40
Unscripted | 4:10

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    I love how everyone is so quick to judge wether a show is real or not. Just enjoy it. Tbh this shit funny when customers freak out

  2. joe blow on

    Old man’s in the Detroit mob cause my uncle and Grandpa were bacjk in the day they knew him he’s a good dude he’s just got

  3. Mister Grimm on

    I loved the show, but I just can not stand Ashley . She is the most arrogant and ignorant bitch ever and I just want to slap the yellow off her teeth. The way she is always running to tell daddy on her brother is sickening.

  4. Kenzie Murrin on

    Omg people, no one cares if it’s fake or not. Stop commenting irrelevant stuff. It’s entertaining, tf you gotta ruin it for people

  5. Donovan Ping on

    Wait ! What?! Ashley didn’t “help” that woman with the ruby . She told her they were all glass . It was her dad who decided to try and help her by having them appraised. Ashley told him that he was crazy ! Come on guys. At least research ur report. This is awful!

  6. Danielle Nielsen on

    I love this show ,Les is a great guy ,I remember watching the episode where he went down in the warehouse while hecwasvtrying to stock the showroom with tv,s that episode made me cry !

  7. Reece Rogers on

    When is said hardcore pawn my mum said “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WATCHING” We are from UK and we dont have pawn shops we call them charity shops or some shit

  8. Joshua Carreon on

    Ashley Gould Broad didn’t find that Burmese Ruby worth 10 grand, she called all those stones glass and it was her father Les that had the stones appraised to which the Ruby was discovered to be genuine.

  9. avaorchid on

    Lol yeah sure it is not scripted..I mean there is a possibility they dont even bother with a script as a script would improve many of their continuity issues. There are many times where something visibly changes from one scene to the nest. For example there was this $2 bill that first had red printing then next scene it was green. Little things like that that should not need to be faked are obvious so I imagine there are much bigger fakes going mostly everything. My mom was on a TLC show about contest winners and it was reality tv and completely scripted. Many of the stories were based in truth but they tried to get her to to act a certain way and did multiple cuts on supposed candid scenes

  10. joeseph kong on

    This guy is a fucking peice of shit. Let me help u out. Give me ur BMW I’ll give u ten dollars. Feels good to help people

  11. Zack b Fortiscue jr on

    I don’t think thay were payed actors. Nobody can make up that and act it out like that ‘ that,s just people going into a pawn shop trying to hustle the people that run the business” to make some fast cash! Maybe thay was in a rush to do some shit! Is probably why Thay acted like a bunch of wackos enyway’ it’s a pawn shop if thay don’t like what there being offered then thay can go to Sears and by it new!…

  12. Kiddano1 on

    The comment that Ashley “looked through the bag and found a Burmese Ruby ” is a huge lie. Ashley was less than helpful from start to finish with the customer. Her dad was the one and she even argued with him about the jewels. All but one was glass. Don’t make her out to be some great person and an intelligent gemologist. She is supposed to be a gemologist but in this case she failed and her dad brought the items to his gemologist and did not ask her to verify or appraise them.

  13. Joseph Dykes on

    This show obviously sends actors into the shop and others show up acting crazy just so they can get on tv

  14. GaryBlue Fox on

    Not all the shows are real??!! NO WAY!!!. On one episode on here ( comments disabled ) you can see a lady being virtually carried out of the store! , and hey guess whats attached to the back of her jeans? a microphone radio receiver pack WOW yea. Real TV FAKE !!

  15. Dashcam Karaoke on

    “The show is not fake” buuuttt the “non actors” have to sign a waver lol so if it wasnt scripted and they really got pissed off then you can demand not to be on the show. Easy. Its all scripted and its all fake. They are paid to say otherwise.

  16. NaderR on

    No, no, no. Many scenes are scripted with no doubt, in one episode, a crazy lunatic black woman is escorted outside when the microphone appears in her back. And by coincidence, the comments on this video were disabled. Look for it.

  17. Gixxer983 on

    Its scripted. There are a couple of clips with disabled comments. The clips expose microphone transmitter strapped to the back of the jeans on the .customers. after they are escorted out.

  18. Communist- Knight on

    I would never go there to sell anything not a chance , there a rip off , that is why they have them useless big fat body guards , who always seem to throw out smaller men than themselves .

  19. Troy Davis on

    Ashley didn’t find the Ruby, the shop’s gemologist and Less did, Ashley thought all the “gems” were glass.

  20. Catherine McGuire on

    She didn’t find that jewel les did and he gave her 10000. She said it was fake this shit be lying

  21. Michael Rentz on

    Ashley broad didn’t find the Burmese Ruby her father less did she wanted to throw the woman out of the shop because she said the jewels were glass and she couldn’t make any money off them they’re worthless get rid of her she’s so full of it

  22. Frostshokula on

    2 things about the ruby:

    1. As others have mentioned, Ashley wanted to turn the woman away. Les wanted to show them to the gem expert later despite Ashley bitching at him.

    2. It wasn’t appraised at 10k. That’s just what they gave her. It is actually worth waaaaaaaaay more than that. Probably 25-30k minimum. One sold at auction for over a million.

    Now I understand they could have really screwed this person out of a lot of money, and they should be able to make a profit. But don’t make them sound like saints for this.

  23. james bryce on

    it is fake you never see angry people really fight on the show you never see fist flying no one never gets punched no blood this is detroit man BUSTED

  24. A10PANG on

    Unscripted? Yeah right. Lol.
    Only reason Seth opposed that law increasing the percentage rate is because they’d be stuck with all that junk that people pawn and they make more money on the interest then they would selling it. Like he really gives a shit about people getting their stuff back

  25. worken360 on

    She did Not give 10,000. She wanted to pass on the items her dad had the stones checked out. She did nothing get the story right.

  26. Alton Kilbourne on

    For one thing it was Les Gold gave the woman the $ 10.000 not Ashley she said they were glass so stop making stuff up

  27. Yasmin Herrera on

    Omg who’s watching in 2018 that black male who did the fake money “Kenney booth smith “ he killed x ! On June 18 2018! Omg

  28. Rakshith on

    it is clearly fake
    same customer coming again and again to pawn or sell different item later they fight with ashley and leave the store every time
    if so why would they return again and why do hardcore pawn let them inside the store again????????????…..

  29. corinari ED on

    Fpr the people who think its all fake have u ever worked customer service cause people are useless shit bags who act like that

  30. bravosix64 on

    You wanna know how this is fake ? It’s in Detroit and none of the main cast member has ever been punched or no weapons has been drawn

  31. Nicolas Chavez on

    Nah they got it wrong that Ashley found the ruby, it was les that found it Ashley said they were all glass and worthless she did not even want to call in a expert to at look at them but les being the nice guy he is decided to go with his gut and he was right. Ashley is so selfish because the girl was using the money for her grandmas funeral and Ashley knew that. get your facts straight and don’t lie to people.

  32. Zed Bautista on

    Whether it’s unscripted or not we won’t know for sure; for those who said it was fake, how can you be so sure ? and those who believe it’s real, how can you be so sure it’s real? Human beings are full of assumptions. . .

  33. Ryan Finchum on

    all real? highly suspect…i’ve seen a few clips and it’s fake AF…it’s true they aren’t actors…that’s how i can tell it’s fake AF…

  34. Icew00d on

    I had a bad experience looking to buy some equipment from this place, i was looking to purchase a backpack leaf blower until noticed it was only 30 dollars cheaper than a brand new one and it was very worn. I’m guessing it’s a small amount of ppl still buying and selling to pawnshops, with apps like letgo you’ll get more money and pay less than you would dealing with pawnshops.

  35. Bullets 88 on

    If anyone is willing to pay for a flight from Belfast Northern Ireland to Detroit MI I will walk into American Jewlery and loan and slap the face off Seth gold for being a little cry baby bitch

  36. totaltwit on

    It’s a good show, sure it’s made for TV so there will be edits to keep interest running, still a good show. What shocks me is, do people actually behave like that? Put $20 worth of stuff on the counter and demand “where’s my $500 – bi*ch? – I ain’t leaving until.. etc. Is that real or people acting up just to be on camera? I like the way Byron does his stuff.. boom-eject.


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