The Untold Truth Of Ice Road Truckers

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Since making its debut in 2007, Ice Road Truckers has been a ratings machine for the History Channel. Millions of viewers have tuned in to watch the often dangerous Arctic exploits of the show’s drivers, but the stories behind the scenes are often just as interesting as what we see onscreen…

Dangerous for the crew | 0:23
Trouble with the law | 0:44
“Polar Bear” sues | 1:13
Being a fan can be dangerous | 1:37
Don’t believe everything you see | 1:59
Movie in development | 2:22

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  1. Charlie Dergrosse on

    I still don’t understand, why there’s made such a hype around those Ice road truckers! Of course the protagonists know what they do, of course they drive on roads, which are not groomed too often and that stuff, but look, I live in Austria (where Schwarzenegger grew up, Sound Of Music, no kangaroos 😉 ) and I also used to be a Truck driver. We have also narrow and steap roads, we also drive in snow and ice, we also have situations, where it could be dangerous – so what? Are we pussies, because we don’t make a faked, overblown TV-Show aut of it? Me and my colleagues just laugh , when someone starts talking about this show, because we use smaller european Trucks, with synchronized gear boxes, AWD, differental locks, snow chains and so on, stuff, that is built for that roads and not those monsters, as they use in the USA! And when you are familiar with extreme winter conditions you just have to smile, when the narrator tells something about, how slippery it is, when there are temperatures about zero Fahrenheit, what is -20° Celsius in Europe – temperatures, where you have traction as driving on Asphalt… so cool down, see that show as that what it is, just a Hollywood like fiction adventure with bad directors and overblown storybooks!!!

    Greetings from beautiful Austria

  2. Fuck You on

    this show is a complete sham, anyone who has the licence required to drive a tractor truck and watches this show just shakes their head, the amount of stupidity those drivers do out there is mind boggling, oh can’t see where im going, better do 90 km an hour, oh, got stuck a little bit, better not engage my diffs so I can bury my wheels in the ground, just dumb, dumb, dumb

  3. Lindsay Lehman on

    Maybe just maybe if they actually showed the true life of an ice road trucker instead of the reality crap then it might of been a good show

  4. Lana Varmatos-Carpenter on

    In 30 years over the road trucking I’ve done pretty much everything they’re doing, it is all a matter of watching what the hell you’re doing. I’m not impressed by this show.

  5. Instance Gaming on

    So Looper last year uploaded a variety of content, then one day they uploaded a “The untold truth of…”/”The Real Reason…” and kept with it for months now. This video only has six facts about the show without evidence. A more truthful title would be “Six facts about Ice Road Truckers”. It getting quite old, try changing it up more. 😉

  6. The Man on

    These guys come through my town here in canada all the time in winter.The roads they travel are not dangerous as they make them out to be on tv lol

  7. Matthew Hudson on

    An IRT movie!?! Psssh. It would never be as great as ‘Sorcerer’. You want to see a movie about drivers with trucks that “gotta get there”? ‘Sorcerer’ is it! In the beginning you won’t know what you’re watching, but you will by the end.

  8. Barry Caldwell on

    so dramatic[not]all it shows most of the time is they pick up a load,drive it across the ice roads,deliver it and get another load,with a dramatic voiceover going on all the time,load of old bollocks

  9. Mickey7476 on

    OMFG … they would really try and push a movie for Ice Road Truckers on the same scale as Guns of Navarone? Who are they kidding? As someone who drives roads 100 times worse, with loads at least twice as heavy, than those wannabes do, I can only say that anyone who would buy into that crap seriously needs a reality check.

  10. Paul Webber on

    Fat trash criminals with careers of last resort that don’t value their pathetic lives. Great reality TV….

  11. Cristan Wood on

    What do you expect? Trucking is boring as shit. Laughed out loud at the guy who died because old Hit and Run let him on the ice road with no experience

  12. Borrance Tecker on

    In case anyone was really wondering, yea this show is fake as fuck. They came to my town and were just a buncha fucking idiots. Pretending they are on a super bad highway yet it’s just the main highway going out of town. Fucking funny watching them get freaked out going down this highway in a snow storm and my buddy rips by in his geo metro. He was in the episode and everything, we still laugh about that one.

  13. Gord235 on

    The real Ice Road is the frozen McKenzie River running from near Tuktiuktuk to the McKenzie River Delta on the edge of the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean). I worked on it in the mid seventies.

  14. Mary Considine on

    Tonight was first time I watched this program does anyone where seat belts and it looks like their in simulators . My husbands swears by it

  15. whitepride1004 on

    Remember when History Channel used to play shows about history? Those were the days. Can someone tell me what a boring show about truck drivers driving trucks in the snow has to do with history? This garbage is on TV right now, and I’m going to change the channel. All this show seems to be about is truckers doing stuff while suspenseful music plays. Big whoop.

  16. Gussy Angus on

    Hi I was told by a friend who knew of a (friend he met up north that was an ice Road Trucker ) he rode along and experienced their activity .He claimed a lot of the hazards wern,t as severe as they claimed on the tv show , some of which were orcastrated, anybody here can support these claims.

  17. Hampus Volvo Andersson on

    Ice road truckers?? Sure they drive on ice but they overreact af the truckers that drive in norway and the arctic route is where we can call trucker heroes. Americans always overreacts… sorry for bad english.

  18. Joe S on

    First two seasons were good, then they started stretching episodes that should have taken 5 minutes to explain, into 30 minutes. Fuck off ill spend my time else where.

  19. Phoenix Knight on

    I never saw the show, but I first learned about ice road trucking from the novel Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child. I was astounded that this was a real thing, semis driving over lake ice. That it’s extremely dangerous doesn’t surprise me.

  20. Phil Rudd on

    When a skinny little lady is a trucker, well what can you say. Lisa was her name, and she could do everything the so called big tough could do, and better. Its the trucks that are the stars.

  21. Danny Flemings on

    All fake stuff dramatized by you know the TV producers to make this stuff look very very dangerous I wouldn’t let none of these guys drive for me I’m and they all suck if you want to know half the time to drive on way too fast don’t have their load secured properly they got more goddamn problems then doc Carter’s got liver pills

  22. Abdiassis Ahmed on

    First couple of seasons the show was more like reality show, then they started scripting it and dramatizing it then I change the channel

  23. Merlin Cat on

    I just hate how all these supposed reality shows continually backdrop everything as some sort of race against time. Rush rush rush, damn it’s bad enough that most truck drivers get paid by the mile and shoved around the country like pawns. Worse the chief audience of things like this are teenagers. I just hate watching these guys unknowingly promoting hurrying on snowy icy roads, driving fast , standing in front of trees about to fall ect. In the real world people die doing these things regularly and I doubt that many teens and would bes will fully appreciate that.. it’s entertainment, that’s all

  24. Stephen in OZ on

    I think its run on long enough. Let everyone alone like my son from Australia, who refused to be filmed and they picked a fight with the wrong guy. He is used to 12-15 hour runs with a 5 trailer road train in the outback and says this is a doddle. He bought a set of ice studded Michelins for the front wheels and hey presto, control comes back. He can change a set of front wheels in ten minutes.

  25. taco bel on

    some of the worst driving skills ive ever seen complete crap . wonder how many of the road owners have kicked that damned show off there roads from stupidity

  26. Sam Anne on

    Don’t you people get it?? ZERO , NOTHING is REAL on the television. It’s all Bullshit, it’s all ENTERTAINMENT. Even the local News is nothing but overacted, over hyped, shit.

  27. SC EM on

    Same old story. Take something real, and interesting,…then the media comes in and when they actually COULD HAVE made something worth watching, their over dramatic, simple, repetitious minds get involved and they mutilate it to the point that no one recognizes it. (Not even those who were involved in process of being filmed) Then they bring in the politically correct garbage like forcing any other race, gender, etc….down the viewers throat until it makes you want to puke. Safe to say that the media is what’s ruining the world.

  28. The Joker on

    I love reality shows because they’re not scripted. You get to see how these people really deal with extremely outrageous situations. Finding amazing artworks in storage lockers is a prime example of real life people getting a break in life over and over again for years. What are the odds?

  29. Christopher Hager on

    I ran the haul road between Fairbanks and Prudhoe for 4-6 months a year for 5 years ending in 90 for K&W before it was sold to Carlisle. The only one of these drivers that would have survived back then would possibly be Alex. The rest of these showboats wouldn’t have made it. Quality of the drivers was much better back then and the trucks were much worse. Back when they were building the pipeline and the haul road in the early 70’s this was even more true. Equipment must continually improve to make up for the falling quality of the drivers.

  30. K Rank on

    I drove Road Trains in Australia for 40 years, I watched ice road truckers for 15 minutes and said, what the fuck is this bullshit and turned it off, end of story.

  31. jpm4444 on

    I’ve done interviews with reality stars and all say the same thing. yes most of it is staged for tv. US tv is HIGHLY edited and controlled by the network. blows me away that so many Americans are invested into these “reality shows” that aren’t real. A friend of mine used to do the makeup; yes the makeup on survivor and said there were some scenes that took 4 takes.

  32. Denis Charbonneau on

    I’m afraid you guys just exploded my bubble here.

    So, late 60’s-early 70’s tv serie “Daniel Boone”, that was not real ???

    I wonder how he did throw an axe like a pro lumberjack and SPLIT that tree log in half ! 😝


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