The Untold Truth Of Judge Judy

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Judge Judith Sheindlin, known to most as Judge Judy, made a name for herself with her no-nonsense attitude, tough talk, and the long, belittling lectures she gives to people who appear before her. But there are some other details about this legal lady and her show that she doesn’t talk about all that much. Since she’s too modest to reveal them herself, we’ve compiled them here for your reading pleasure.

Ambulance chasers | 0:21
Producers pay the fines | 0:49
Everyone gets paid | 1:25
Fake cases? | 1:59
She’s not a judge | 2:45
She might’ve taken down a school | 3:19
She’s inspired others to do good | 4:05

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  1. MC Rocker on

    This video should have never been made. I happened to like this show and now I know it’s all fake. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Shame on you…

  2. Warrendoe on

    Any real fans knows all this already so what’s the point of your video? Being mean spirited? And she is a real Judge, even if she’s acting as an arbitrator here. They chose her to run the show because of her legal background and knowledge of the law which she follows assiduously ….obviously they couldn’t just employ someone from Walgreens!

  3. Torva Messorem on

    They need to really make laws in America that prohibit false advertising. On everything. I remember a video that honey sold in America actually contains 0% real honey. But they get to call it honey because it tastes like it. That shit don’t happen in the Netherlands. Wanna put the word honey on the label? It must contain at least 80% real honey. Period.

  4. Pusalieth on

    She is a real family court judge, but performs contractual Arvin on the television show. You don’t get the wisdom she has by just luck.

  5. Brandon Adams on

    I’d love to be on judge Judy. The moment she raises her voice to me or disrespects me for no reason I’m going off on her. Gonna call her an old miserable cunt. She can’t hold me in contempt so fuck her.

  6. NO White Supremacy on

    I don’t watch Judy The Witch who is always flying around in the courtroom on a Broomstick being rude & yelling at people . Halloween is everyday with Judy .

  7. james do on

    This clip is also misleading. (the cases are real but instead of the court the show offers them arbitration and both sides sign they agree with whatever she verdicts. I wonder how in the modern age when information is free this kind of dumb misleading channels on youtube still exist. (fake news)

  8. Saturnus SuperThunderBolt2 on

    She also labels non-humans as lifeless inanimate objects and blames the victim most of the time; you forgot those.

  9. swordnquilstarskgrem on

    Actually, the decisions she makes are legally binding, as are any contracted arbitration decisions. Meaning that once the ruling is made and the monies accepted, it is illegal for the plaintiff (if he or she loses the case) to again go to small claims court and sue again. The decisions are legally binding, period. And you’re right, it is a win/win for both parties. Plaintiffs who are suing poor folks have little to no chance of receiving the money even if they win the case, so going to JJ is a good way to be guaranteed the money they’re owed. And for the defendants, if they lose, it doesn’t matter because none of the money is going to come out of their pockets, plus they get paid to be there, so what’s not to like? A free vacation, paid attendance, and no money coming out of their pockets if they lose. You’d be dumb not to take it if the opportunity comes up. Unless of course what you’re being sued for is so embarrassing that you don’t want a nationwide audience to see it.

  10. buster rymes on

    knew Judy was a fake people paid off sure no way anyone that’s normal take shit from a old judge Judy judy should be retired and playing with her many grandchildren she claims to have fake judge

  11. Margaret Moore on

    I bet she’s a sadomasochistic lesbian and she would squirt like a Tomcat if Hilary Clinton rammed her sharp fingernails into her anus..

  12. Awenda on

    Nicki who made you god? Let’s see your life. Oh no, she says, that’s not fair. Sound like a libertarian to me or a demon cat. Lol

  13. Judgment Proof on

    I’ve previously noticed how she often says, “you’re an idiot!” What she fails to realize is sometimes she’s the idiot because every time you point a finger, three always point back at you, just flip your hand and see for yourself

  14. gotrane on

    Not a major fan, to begin with, and nothing here changed anything. Thanks for the info though. It might get points with someone who is a faithful watcher, always good for a suffering husband.

  15. Gordon Fitzgerald on

    In her book “Beauty Fades Dumb is Forever” her opinion of drug addicts is that they should all be given a dirty syringe, get AIDS and die. I would never have expected a Jewish woman to recommend the extermination of any group of people.
    I think this nasty, unfeeling horrible old woman is dangerous and should not be on television.

  16. Gordon Fitzgerald on

    Call for the annihilation of a marginalized group of people in society. I believe this woman is dangerous and should not be on TV.

  17. My best friend was a Chick Girl on

    Judge Judy Sheindlin, who celebrated her 70th birthday on Sunday, has lots to celebrate about, like her income. Her daily pay is reportedly $123,000 per day adding up to a $45 million salary annually for the television star.

  18. Joey Misciagna on

    I am surprised judge Judy is not a real judge. Ed Koch also acted as a judge on 📺 TV and he Is not a judge. is the other TV programs just like this one?????

  19. Bobby Knight on

    I’ll bet Judge Judy was very attractive when she was in her 20’s and 30’s? Well, she still is attractive for her age now.

  20. Keyser Sozie on

    I think they should show an episode where she’s being an asshole talking down to someone, as she always thought does,, then they jump over the bench and start choking her.
    That would be entertainment!!!

  21. Pamela Turner on

    This obnoxious,arrogant, delusional,crude,& unfair unappealing,gets on my last nerve Witch Judy can take a hike forever.Annoying &

  22. Purr Cat on

    This Swine-ette and the piglet of Court TV, Nancy Disgrace, should have millstones tied to them and tossed into the abyss

  23. Ray Balderrama on

    I wish they’d pull this bitch off tv she’s got a big fat mouth and respects nobody. How the hell do they consider this idiot entertainment. Total crap that’s all she is. Old bitch needs to stay home and get a f ing life.

  24. Poukkaa Ganeska on

    Judge Judy is one of the biggest legends in today’s society. She is such an inspiration and she is an absolute lady behind the scenes and in her every day real life. She’s also a total anti-feminist like myself and that gives me some reason to believe there is some hope left for us women yet. I wish more youths were given women like these to worship and idolize rather than the likes of the Kardashians and the Lena Dumb-Dumbs of society. Judy Schiendlen, Elizabeth Smart, Michelle Knight, Holly Willoughby; these are the real women of the world who we should be plastering over our magazines (I know Holly has a bit of media attention but not near enough for what she deserves) and enticing young women to research and follow instead of allowing our TV’s and social media to raise our children and instill immoral values in them because we are too arrogant and ignorant to admit that we need to have one of either parent at home to properly raise your children and bring them up to be stable, happy, truly confident and unconditionally loved. Stop thinking it’s ok for someone else to influence your child when you don’t even know what the influencer’s ethics and opinions are. It’s not fair to your child and it’s not fair for you to think you can do it all when it’s clear we can’t do it all. It’s funny how much our younger generations have changed since women were allowed to work. I’m not saying women shouldn’t work and if you think that you obviously didn’t even bother reading my comment properly as I’ve already stated that one of EITHER parent needs to stay at home to bring the kids up, NOT the woman. The sooner we get that into our thick skulls, along with proper parenting skills and techniques that don’t involve negative reinforcement, violence, fear-inducing comments and unnecessary aggression, the quicker our children will grow up to be all-rounded, stable, self-assured and self-motivated, responsible and sensible individuals instead of the rude, vile, thoughtless, highly-confused, aggressive, violent, irresponsible, ignorant and arrogant feckers we have in today’s first-world societies. I don’t know why we can’t admit we went wrong as a nation and as individuals and aim to fix it instead of sticking our thick heads up our own arses to get away from the harsh reality of what we have allowed to happen. There’s nothing wrong with admitting failure, sincerely apologising and working extra hard to make up for all the short-comings we’ve caused with our self-entitled and lazy behaviour and attitude. It’s easier than allowing this bollocks to continue.

  25. Paula Clark on

    Judge Judy should not be practicing law in any capacity. She is disgustingly rude, condescending and obnoxious. I can’t imagine sitting under her tutelage. Although, she appears very knowledgeable, her conduct and style of abritration seems irrational and very confrontational.

  26. B Mandel on

    I have never liked that show. This video answered a lot of questions and just confirms why I detest ‘reality’ shows…because they’re not reality. So lame.

  27. Mamacrow Helps on

    I just realized something, we just have a mandatory law school class in the public curriculum (highschool). Nothing huge, that certainly wouldn’t replace having to go to law school, but I feel like all Americans should have a better understanding of how all laws work.

  28. grvonny on

    On the show itself judge Judy has used that contract of payment and Free travel in board as a weapon, she tells them if they do not follow out with her decisions they will not fulfill judge Judy side of the contract. In other words if you do not Do as judge Judy says they will not pay you nor will they pay for your trip back home. The judgments are real. Also in judge Judy’s defense she does a lot of time weed out the fake stories.

  29. Steve on

    She’s an obnoxious misandrist. Invariably, if one of the litigants is a younger male and the opposing litigant is female, there is a 99% probability that she will utter one of her stock lines (which she imagines is indicative of her great wit), “She may have found you attractive, but I do not.” I can imagine the furor if a male judge told a female litigant, “He may have found you attractive, but I do not.” Someone needs to explain to this hideous, obnoxious old crone that 20something males do not care if a cranky old bitch who’s at least three times their age thinks they’re cute or not. And like most of her taglines, “She may have found you attractive, but I do not” stopped being funny about the same time as “The Simpsons”. I sincerely hope that the children she periodically refers to were all girls- God knows what this hateful bitch would do to her sons- she would probably have cackled with schadenfreude while they were being circumcised and yelled “DON’T STOP!”

  30. Racket on

    i bet judge judy never had to work through high school, college and live in a dump, drive a old junk car, she had her Jewish family support, but treats everyone like a POS for not being model citizen.

  31. Convoy81 on

    NOTHING you said this video has made me chance my mind about Judge Judy. She makes more sense then most people on the internet

  32. J J on

    no one seems to have pointed out that anybody that goes on this show has basically just WON. other than the humiliation ,they did something wrong, somebody is guilty, somebody is the loser but somebody else is going to pick up the tab for them. the show’s producer are going to pay for them which means they didn’t really have any consequences. so basically it’s a show that does not give any punishment to the guilty. BOOOOOOOOOO

  33. Joseph Rochester on

    Judge Judy is the most incredible judge in the whole wide world i watch her everyday only if i could get some of her money really need it

  34. Alt on

    I would describe her as “no longer a judge” rather than “not a judge.” And the idea that she’s really just helping people solve their problems is definitely true but she’s using her past experience as a lawyer and as a former judge to do so.

  35. allah son on

    Judge Kendall’s a well known racist bitch,n just like this hoe,somethings gotta give ,all her ties,n belittling,hatfuk orders r unthinkable going to the country teaching division stop Kendall immedieafuckinglylee


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