The Untold Truth Of Swamp People

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While the stars of the History Channel’s Swamp People shine a light on the onerous life of the bayou, little has been known about the swamp people themselves…until now. Get ready for some of the most jaw-dropping, gator-wrasslin’, gumbo-burning stories you’ve ever laid your dad-gum eyes on. You can guarantee dat!

Road rage | 0:22
They say they’re innocent | 0:51
Trapper Joe’s violent history | 1:20
ZZ Loupe: Professional wrestler | 1:54
Nicholas Payne hit a cop | 2:20
Payne’s checkered past | 2:45
Troy Landry keeps his lawyers busy | 3:12
The cast got fired | 3:34
Bad blood on the bayou | 3:55

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