The Untold Truth Of Undercover Boss

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If you haven’t seen it, Undercover Boss is a long-running CBS reality show where a high-ranking corporate officer dons a disguise to infiltrate their own business. While inside, they work alongside their employees in an effort to reinvigorate their brand’s identity and see what’s really going on. Skeptics believe that many aspects of the show are fake or exaggerated, but producers and most of the show’s participants insist otherwise. We’ve uncovered the truth…

Bosses choose their aliases | 0:26
Workplace scenarios aren’t completely staged | 1:09
Employees are carefully selected | 2:29
Companies actually use the lessons they learn | 3:20
Not every boss is thrilled | 4:03
There are dozens of international spinoffs | 4:58
Not the breast intentions | 5:58

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  1. D J on

    This is so fake…how do they even record this shit?😂😂😂…they got fricken mic packs attached to them bruv… this fake as hell!!!😂

  2. MrBigT on

    no one ever gets to discussing the cameras. How do you not see them? Or is it part of the ploy? “Hi guys, I am your new colleague. Dont mind the cameras, they are for my vlog. I have a youtube channel”. Also, its prying as fuck. I dont work straight retail, but I deal with clients and we also have small time business owners. It annoys when colleagues are rude/ gossipy about clients, I always call them out. I would feel bad however, if a boss came undercover and fired them after hearing them say a bad thing about clients.

  3. Sal Paradise on

    this show was shit. These employees needed real,. significant wage increases,. not time off or horseshit touchy-feely garbage. Glad its cancelled.

  4. Rob Tro on

    All these so-called reality shows are totally fake. Locker storage wars, Pawn Stars, etc. are totally phony. On Pawn Stars, the so-called customers don’t just “walk in.” They’ve been pre-screened and have already taken or refused an offer. The “banter” with the stars is scripted and rehearsed. Storage Lockers…lockers are seeded.

  5. binaway on

    My late father knew a boss who was on the Australian version. The guy was 6ft8inch, carried a lot of weight and had a large nose. I don’t see how anybody couldn’t recognize him.

  6. John P on

    Regardless of the authenticity of the show, I find it to be very creepy. Especially at the end when the boss plays like a lord handing down indulgences

  7. The Interesting Nobody on

    No one would fall for it, when an entire camera and sound crew show up. I’m a film student and I’ve been on many film sets. This is extremely fake.

  8. Elliot W on

    Tbh this is really interesting but COMPLETE shame on Looper for calling Ronnie a “particularly bad” employee. On the episode of White Castle the manager was a WAY bigger problem, threatening to take somebody outside and BEAT THEM! NOT ONE MENTION OF THIS! AND OF COURSE what did that dude get??? “Extra training.” Why? Cause he was already a manger and Ronnie was a lower level employee? I was already skeptic of the show, but it this makes me even more so, but I think I hate this youtube channel more. Anyone else dislike the bad judgements of Looper? Doubt those dude have ever worked cust. service before. Ronnie was blunt honest. Can’t handle it? Then that makes you a bad manager. Never would I eat at Boston Market knowing that even on undercover boss, the CEO still doesn’t get it! Too expensive and overrated anyway! And I will never trust Looper either. As for the show, eh, still unsure.

  9. Carlos Martinez on

    Well CBS and there affiliates are idiots all the way to the top I used to like watching that show and certain segments I look for on YouTube can’t find a full episode anymore so I just quit looking for them I rather watch cartoons now then look for reruns

    They cry about people copying them well guess what it’s already been aired seen they got there ratings and money why try to control what’s already been paid for /// o wait cause they are like law makers straight stupid idiot people

  10. S Dew on

    its all scripted, way ahead of filming they send in a scout team, to scout for the most sad heartbroken story (tear jerker) they can find, than the boss comes in pretending to be a newbie with a lame excuse bad wig ,and than they help that one person, and that is so typical american, they just help that one person!!, they dont say ok wages do suck for everyone, we will give u all a raise, nope in america they want 1 person to get 100.000 dollar instead of 100 people getting 1000 dollar, so freaking weird!, its fake and scripted from start to finish and even the “victim” (employees) all can see this coming from a mile away!.
    camera crew + new person with a bad wig + weird personal questions being asked, your boss going out of hes way to show the “new guy around”, or even “sucking up”to the so called “new guy”..

  11. Caddyboy55 on

    we have that show in germany too, but its not fake. few things are same i think, like they choose what employers they are filming/working with, but often the employees just realize thats the show, although the show is not so well known. but its not happens often

  12. Squirt on

    Its kinda scary to think that by admitting on the show that you “Hate the customers” or swear between co-workers you’ll get fired. That has happened about everywhere I’ve worked. Some places way more than others.

  13. Super Writer on

    Doesn’t anyone find it strange that nearly every employee has an incredible sob story? Who tells “the new employee” ON THEIR FIRST DAY that they’re $10,000 in debt, or that one’s dad committed suicide, or that the wife needs reconstructive surgery for breast cancer? Nobody gives such private and agonizing information to a new employee they just met. I’m calling BS on much of this show.

  14. Sam Alexander on

    The woman at the end that got fired for not wanting to show herself in a bikini on national TV I would sue the hell out of him

  15. unoder on

    You guys lost some respect for that last one, that’s disingenuous and you know it. He fired her because she overserved a drunk customer, which can lead to a bar losing it’s license and far worse if the customer attempts to drive home. That and she told him live on tv when he asked her what she thought about the job that she hated it and wanted to find another, and then yes she didn’t wear a bikini but the place is literally called “bikini’s”… if I worked at a suit & tie store and came in with my pajama’s on I would expect to be reprimanded.

  16. bigbullbk on

    I saw one episode where a black dude who’s the chef in a restaurant is pocketing the money after buying fish, I then saw that same dude in a commercial not too long after.

  17. Hope Hodgson on

    What TV Show do the employees think they’re filming? It’s against human nature to behave so poorly when being recorded.

  18. Rosemarie Kury on

    And if you come in really scruffy looking they’ll hire you regardless. Most of them stick out like sore thumbs . And they just happen to befriend employees with the most hard luck stories. How many people would pour their heart out to someone that just got hired on!

  19. Yuri Gagarin on

    BS for sure. They say they tell employees there’s some competition or whatever to get a job there but someone will ALWAYS tell coworkers “it’s undercover boss look at a pic of the CEO.” Then everyone lays it on thick. Maybe smaller companies don’t catch on. Never liked the show it’s part of the unreality tv I think started in part by repo men or whatever it was called and storage wars

  20. Yeah Sure on

    Ya this show is mostly bullshit. I would be surprised if any CEO went through this and then actually made the company better. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of the time things stay the same or get worse.

  21. Bacda fucup on

    WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT AND BULLSHITTERS!!! It makes me wanna puke just to watch the beginnings of these Bullshit programmes. I don’t see the point of it. All these employees pretend that they don’t know what’s going on when they meet the new Guy/Boss in the beginning coming with Camera crew… as if they never watch Undercover Boss…yeah right, and then they start explaining their problems to the new Guy..why?? (so that they get that money in the end!!). I would never explain my personal problems to a stranger i have just met. And the CEOs want to appear that they are so generous in the end of the show…why can’t they give more money to all their employees of their companies too if they really care about them?? They just wanna make themselves more famous by being on TV. They are all selfish if you ask me. BEWARE OF RICH PEOPLE WHO TRY TO BE NICE TO YOU BY GIVING YOU MONEY AND SHOWING IT ON TV!!! If they really care they should never humiliate you on TV and help you discreetly without the whole World knowing about it…

  22. Simply Sarah on

    When the owners sit and have a heart to heart with the employee gives it away. You meet a new coworker and 10 minutes later your pouring you guts out. This happens on every single episode!

  23. Gerald Sandoval on

    For being the heads of company’s, the show constantly make the boss’s out to be complete clueless, klutzes! All of them not being able to perform simple tasks at companies they have started.

  24. Jari Haukilahti on

    Watch the UK version of this show since the US is so obviously staged – If You in US dont get it the US show is about making money – to she show and give the undercover free commersial which is about getting money again – and YOU say No.. I say in those cases a emplye acts bad .which is about giveing bad publicity which is bad commercial hes fired or repriminded – which goes on to the free “” gift the show end – same and fake Guy buys commercial and credits with gifts . Conclusion show if a fantsy for singleminded people. This show is nonsense – why not give money to the emplyers by raising their wadges – I guess you in US dont belive in that.

  25. Wayne Kyle on

    Wouldn’t the camera person give away the whole thing? A new employee shows up with a camera crew………..dead giveaway….unless the whole thing is faked. Makes no sense.

  26. Jacob Bassett on

    I worked for Yankee Candle when they did their episode of the show. I could have told you all kinds of problems the employees were facing at the time but it’s not about that it’s about family advertising.

  27. 7gamex on

    I remember when I first found this show. I was interested so I tried a couple episodes. Didn’t get far when I realized it’s literally the same thing every time, just a different company.

    Also, going undercover? There are very few companies who have CEOs that are huge in the limelight. Ask any employee of any random business that is “big” and they won’t know who the “CEO” is or what they look like.

  28. kevin3591 on

    I worked for 6 months with a recorder in my pocket the hole time I’m putting it together to put it on you tube it’s amazing.

  29. Filthy Connoisseur on

    Hello stranger, my name is worker and I have cancer and I work 3 jobs and my car breaks down as well as losing my whole family who decided to jump into a volcano. I love my job so much and I’m suicidal and by the way you’re going to be working with me today

  30. Pedro Rodriguez III on

    I worked for a company that got “Undercover Boss”. They didn’t really screen employees. They just told us the company would be on TV and that we could submit our story and what the company means to us. Then all of a sudden a few weeks later we saw we were on TV.

  31. Internet Clown on

    “Nobody wants to hear your Bullshit, NEWBIE!”
    *Several minutes later*
    “But my Dick got chopped off”-Joseph
    “JOSEPH!”-Undercover Boss

  32. Rainbow Dash on

    Bikinis guy was an asshole, giving a free boobjob to a girl who was fine showing her pussy on live tv but when a diffrent girl wont show cleavage on tv shes fired?

  33. Davone Moses on

    I remember an episode where the owners employee were all in a bad way due to working conditions and job uncertainty. He promised a lot of rewards and after the show they got nothing.

  34. Nopainnogain Hurts on

    Every thing on TV is fake. I mean every thing. And funny thing is it’s all calling from amercia loool there so fucking stupid. I bet there like omg they think we went to the moon let’s keep making lies up. Stupid NASA . No wonder your the biggest curupt country in the world.

  35. castlev1986 on

    that Canada boss guy rocks Canada fucking eh coming again to save the mother fucking day eh Canada fuck yeah.

  36. Patrick Kelley on

    I… hhhhate that show! How it’s survived this long on tv I’ll never know. People would have to be pretty gullible to believe that the show is legit

  37. dave lightSaber on

    Every Episode they hear a Sob story from an employee, then they Just so happen to change their lives at the End.

  38. susan dejohnette on

    I like the show, but the undercover bosses supposedly trying to win the opportunity for their own shows or whatever the bosses are trying to win is a dead giveaway that it’s the Undercover Boss show.

  39. TheFocus on

    This is actually false…. When I worked at Northlands we had the owner go undercover you can look up the episode. It’s not fake and people don’t think of it like that. Employee’s aren’t chosen they are randomly picked they start with the manager and the manager will hook them up with someone else to show them the ropes which none know.

    Sure some people will know but most of the world won’t because there are times film crews do this without it being an episode of undercover boss.

    On undercover boss they are there to get to know their workers they don’t get to go on the show if they aren’t willing to help out the workers at the end (paying for collage/extra funds/etc..) none of it’s fake…. Where ever they got their info it’s not all correct. They aren’t scripted at all. You’ll never understand unless you’re directly involved.

  40. Dr.TheRealJack on

    In fact 😁Kim Kardashian just an ugly black poor lady took a chance of silly ppl to show her stinky ugly butt and earn some money from ridiculous ppl. 😁😁 there’s no comparison between the beautiful american white ladies and this ugly black lady hhhhh

  41. F A on

    This show is FAKE and STAGED because when you see it, they are being FILMED and RECORDED….including in private moments. So you mean to tell me the employees are NOT AWARE of the cameras and camera men flming them right there and then???? C’mon!!


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