Times The Pawn Stars Have Seriously Cheated Customers

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Generally speaking, if you hock something at a pawn shop, you’re desperate for money. And that’s exactly what the Rick, Corey, and the gang at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas are counting on when they try to buy things at ridiculously low prices. Here’s a look at some of the times the Pawn Stars have seriously cheated customers…

Isaac Newton’s book | 0:18
Hotchkiss Cannon | 0:46
1984 Chris Craft Boat | 1:14
1962 Lincoln Continental | 1:44
Samurai sword | 2:18
Autographed Godfather screenplay | 2:52
1951 Yankees autographed baseball | 3:31

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  1. henkkaj73 on

    Does someone really expect a pawn shop to buy items at their possible resale value from customers?
    What kind of business would that be? They take the risk when trying to sell the item and hope to make make profit when they do. Simple as that.

  2. Ockie Ditchbank on

    Excellent review!  There’s also a lot of fakery involved here, too, some subtle, some obvious.  Too many of these supposedly naïve Bozos who wander in off the street are primped beforehand as to what and how they’re going to dicker with the Dirt Bags.  Since far too many of these people go through the same identical dialog, it’s just too canned to be believable and a lot, if not all, of these have to be fakes, too.  Besides, who’s paying for all that shit they supposedly buy?  The producers?  And don’t forget, these swindlers have an eBay account where they constantly list all their crap, yet in all the years they’ve been stinging naïve folks out of their treasures, I have yet to see a single piece of TV loot ever show up on eBay.  But, the piece de` resistance has to be a trick transaction they staged early in the series, to amp up the smiling Unwashed Animals’ phony credibility.  An old lady comes in with a 1940s brooch, and says she’ll take $1,500 for it.  Big, Honest, Tax-Paying, Reputable, Compassionate, Sincere, Law-Abiding, Morality-Driven, Church-Going, Grandma-Loving, Morally Bankrupt Rick looks at it then says, “I can’t, in good conscience, give you $1,500.  It’s worth at least $15,000” and hands it back.  Too bad it was a staged transaction.

  3. Drakenborn on

    “After pouring FIFTEEN GRAND into restorations…” – Seriously are you fucking high? After they invested ANOTHER 15,000 the car is now worth more? Do tell! What a scandal! I do declare a theft has been committed!

    Some of these were pretty sketchy before you got to this car but this was too fucking much. If the seller wanted their car to be worth that much maybe THEY should have dumped $15,000 into the car. You get an offer based off of what the item is CURRENTLY worth. Not what it MIGHT have been worth once upon a time, or with a ton of work done to it.

  4. Robin Wilson on

    This is a very misleading video. It suggests that bartering for items successfully is somehow a ‘ripoff’ of the sellers. Even if the Pawn Stars know precisely the “value” of an item, and low-ball the sellers, that is not a ripoff. So long as they don’t mislead the seller and tell them it is something other than what it is – it is a legitimate business transaction, and the Pawn Stars are doing what they are supposed to do – representing their store. They have zero responsibility to represent the seller’s interest – and if they do on occasion, that is just them being nice.

    All that being said, in virtually all of you examples, they mostly purchased the items for between 50% and 75% of “value”. But keep in mind, they have to resell the items, I don’t know if you’ve ever run a business, but 50%-25% markup is pretty common. (Try selling something on iTunes – they have a %40 markup. Plus, in every case – the Pawn Stars were taking a _RISK_ on the items they purchased. You even provided an example (that they didn’t purchase) where they could have lost big (including a potential lawsuit) on the God Father script signed by ‘Al’. And the fact that the lady selling it got $12K for the script at a charity auction is silly. People tend to way outbid value in charity auctions – because the point of the auction is fund the charity (duh!).

    So describing any of this as a ‘rip-off’ is rediculous. They did business, and they are clearly successful at it.

  5. generic MoDz on

    when the experts come in and say its worth 5k etc and they get offered 2k why dont they say its worth 5k ill go somewhere else

  6. Syrona on

    It’s a pawn shop. If you’re trying to get what the item is actually worth, at a pawn shop, you’re doing it wrong.

    They didn’t cheat their customers. Their customers cheated themselves the moment they agreed to that price.

  7. Micheal Bomberger on

    The 1962 Lincoln, they gave $9,500 for and after spending $15,000 more of in in restoration costs they made a profit of $5000-$10000. The Isaac Newton book was not “priceless” the expert values it at $20,000 and that probably something they’d have to send to a high end auction and pay a bunch of fees for selling. They aren’t cheating anyone. And of course this all assumes the show is actually real and not scripted reality.

  8. fractal on

    None of this is really cheating if they willingly agreed not to mention especially for the sword it takes two to three years for restoration all that time translates to money and costs

  9. Dennis Dominguez on

    You do realize the show is scripted. All prices are negotiated ahead of time. The negotiations on tv is just for show.

  10. H K on

    Oh no they bought a car for a fair price given its condition then put a lot of their own money into it to improve it, man how could they.


    Bottom line these people are going to get rich as long as people are going to sit on their asses and watch television all’s I can say is go out and live your own life and stop watching these morons live theirs .

  12. Ockie Ditchbank on

    There might be an aborigine in deepest Africa who hasn’t heard the famous Lying Dirt Bags are also the scum of the earth.   But with today’s ”entertainment” (sic), ugly is the new beautiful, which is why we have human filth like Simon Cowell, Dog Bounty Hunter, Donald Trump, Jerry Springer, Jerk Judy, as well as these Harrison bottom-feeders and others.

  13. Eugene Romano on

    I disagree. This is a BUSINESS, not a CHARITY. They have to pay overhead, insurance, employees, tie up money, and after that, they have to find a BUYER at the retail level to purchase the item. This is called CAPITALISM! Furthermore, if the buyer does not like the offer, they are free to go anywhere else they like to negotiate a higher price. Case closed.

  14. Will on

    Isn’t that the point?? If you own a PAWN shop… the whole goal is to buy something for less than it’s worth and sell it for a profit… who doesn’t do that on ANY transaction? I mean seriously, think of any major store or retail business out there and tell me they don’t sell products higher than the bought it for. The more money you make on the product, the better off you’ll be. And yet you’re outraged when a PAWN SHOP employee/owner does it? Seriously…

  15. madbrendan on

    thats not scamming customers its just making profit – scamming would be buying the $20k book for $50….

  16. mike d on

    Thank you ! The do screw people daily ! On tv ! And they know it ! Ahhhhhhh I know it’s worth 25 thousand but I’ll give you 1000 . I gotta frame it and put on the shelf ! That’s worth the 24 k loss right ? Right . So 1k? Yep thanks . I’ll make 28 k now .

  17. Pushpa Shah on

    No the price given is retail value..he’s buying to sell for that. If they want more money they should go to auction.

  18. galwww on

    most of these deals sound fair as hell, remember that they bring the experts to analyze the stuff!
    that would cost you money gas and time,+ going for an auction might not work as good and you still have to pay the auctioneers their cut.
    restoration work is also time and connections that most of these people don’t want .
    and after all that you still have taxes and storage costs, and if you can’t sell something long enough you have to auction it and hope that you reach the estimated price.
    the show pays but this is still their business, when they get burned they have to eat it too.

  19. mora on

    This is why you’re better off selling only jewels, cars and houses in pawn shops. Because you can learn about the average price of jewelry, cars, and houses from many sources. (International diamond prices, second-hand market transactions, etc.) For a Japanese katana or an ancient book, it may be worth ten thousand dollars at the auction house, but it is only worth 300 dollars at the pawn shop. The work of the auction house is to increase the price, and the work of the pawn shop is to reduce the price.


    This is bs. Saying ppl potentially lost money is stupid. The pawn stars do all the work and restorations increase value. Why would u sell an item for 10k then pawn stars resell for 10k just so the first seller doesn’t make a ‘loss?’stfu lol if u had half a brain cell working you would know the pawn stars are parting with their money and it’s always a risk. They have a value but that doesn’t mean the sale will reach the value so when u weigh that up, is it better to offer low and hope for money or offer high and get stung royally? You’re dumb.

  21. Rynel Acosta on

    Its not called cheating. That is how you run a business and get fkin rich. Just like what you doin tryin to earn bucks in youtube with a wrong misleadin title.

  22. Chris G on

    this video is ridiculous. calling them playing the pawn game cheating. if the customer is a moron and doesn’t do their own research then they should be free for the taking

  23. Polash Likhok on

    dude.. it’s pawn stars..,point to be noted “Pawn”…its not a retail store or a wholeseller to pay u marketed rates.. they r free to make money not for kindness

  24. Caleb Harper on

    Only 1 or 2 of these even come close to “cheating” a customer.

    These people are trying to get rid of this stuff for quick cash. That’s why they’re at a pawn shop and not paying 30% to an auction house and 5% for appraisal.

    I think I’d rather have the cash than a cannon or bell too.

  25. Mr Trivia on

    Here’s the scoop !!! It’s not real !!! Ha Ha Ha. They don’t even work there. The guy coming in is handed the item for the cameras.

  26. Rion Johnson on

    If you want to get a fair price for something, take the time and sell it to a collector. Anyone who thinks they’re going to get a fair price at a pawn shop is a moron.

  27. Phillip Cabrero on

    One thing y’all are forgetting is that the same shop also takes losses so it’s not like it’s gonna he spot on with the prices everytime

  28. KingofAwesome on

    In my country this can land you in hot water. People can take you to court for misappraising something eventhough you know it is worth way more, especially when you are the one buying it. Only if you can prove you did not actual know the actual value or if you were not the one benefiting from it you could get away with it. Otherwise you are just screwed. It could land you with a significant fine or you needing to pay what you actually owe the person you bought it from. Sure there is such a thing a business, but there is also something called cheating someone out of their money. And in my country that is counted as scamming someone which is illegal.

  29. Frank Provasek on

    No clue on how business works…they buy the car for $9,500, put $15,000 into it so it’s sellable , and the profit represents the amount they CHEATED seller out of?

  30. skrub love on

    This is false. These guy take all the risk and put all the work in. Anyone of these people could back out if they didn’t wanna sell. Ridiculous for saying they are ripping people off.

  31. The Adventures of Jett & Cash on

    They have been overly fair to most people. They put in several thousands dollars into restorations, so they earn the profit. No one is keeping the seller from doing the same. They have also lost money being overly fair.

  32. Richard Blackmore on

    if the seller knows what the appraiser values it at, and sells for substantially less, than it isn’t cheating someone if they sell at a low price.

  33. thesteveus on

    What nonsense, the seller has every opportunity to do their research and know exactly what they can get, of course the pawn shop will offer a lot less, they are in business to make money.

  34. no yes on

    why cannon fired sends PROFITS UP IN SMOKE?????????? makes no sense. there’s a reason why 60% of viewers don’t like this.

  35. Tony's on

    Any time you go into a pawn shop to sell something they ask you how much you want for it then look on the internet to find out how much it might be worth. It you ask $500.00 for something and they find out it really worth $5000.00 if you agree to $500.00 you didn’t get cheated.

  36. Andrei Mataoanu on

    This is not cheating, it’s tradeing and when you trade something that you own you should know how much it’s worth. They always say in their show that the customer needs know how much the item is worth before selling it. When they accept they accept because they need the money… It’s free trade…

  37. prying eyes on

    Ok, they low-balled the book, the ball, and sword, but everything else was reasonable. They have to not only pay for their shop, but also food, their homes, and healthcare.

    Then, as for the items themselves, they have to restore some of them, and pay to store them while trying to find a buyer, which could take years. If they paid someone the amount of money they would make selling it, they’d not only not make anything, they’d lose money. How can you be so naive Looper?

  38. TheRomundus on

    I loved it when self-proclaimed Who freak Rick got screwed when he bought the insides of their “Live at Leeds” album for around 1500 dollars for stuff I got for 4.98 in 1970.

  39. Charlie davidson on

    How’s it cheating Do you know anything about retail ? Normally you have to double your money just to break even . The cannon was valued at 40 K and they paid 30 K after paying all their overhead and time lost they probably netted 1.5 K at best . Why would anybody go to a pawn shop to begin with . Rip off is american pickers and that cheap a$$ frank character nickle and diming and then asking 500 times what he paid . Pawn shops is a dog eat dog world . American pickers is Shark eat Guppy world . slizzy pawn used to buy Rolex watches for 500.00 and then resale them for 12 K That’s why they’re number one pawn shop …

  40. Bob Thenob on

    What about the time that guy wanted to sell the chassi of a sports car, they called in someone to authenticate it and found it was valued at 130K. Rick talked the seller into something like 30K arguing that the seller only got it because he had been cleaning someones garage and the owner had given it to him as payment
    Fair enough the seller took the offer so it was really his own stupidity but that’s still being screwed out of 100K

  41. chongokhan on

    its a pawn shop, they have to buy it much lower than its market value to make room for profit, and most of the time they actually explain that to the sellers. that’s the fcking business. you guys seriously call it cheating, wtf… and not to mention all their customers are aware of the value and can just walk away from the deal. But they usually need quick cash which is what a pawnshop offers. this video is so wrong

  42. Ockie Ditchbank on

    Looper        How about, “See the reality shows we’ve added thanks to your suggestions!”?  Or, do you even bother reading your comments?

  43. BobTheBuilder294 on

    they got to make a profit though right? and its not like this stuff sells within a week. Who’s going to the pawn shop to find a car or functioning cannon?

  44. Mark Rivero on

    It’s a bit idiotic to say that they have cheated these people when it’s an agreement and hey… It’s a pawn shop! Geez!

  45. Richard Nygaard on

    If you think these folks are being ripped go checkout what happens to your trade in at car lots, that can be much much worse.

  46. Kopsu on

    What a stupid video. They are a business and are trying to make money. If a guy walks into the shop with an object that’s worth 8000 dollars and Rick pays 4000 dollars for it, then he is NOT cheating his customer. You people are a bunch of pillocks.

  47. tellurye on

    They do this all the time. They have their “expert” come in and say its worth $10Grand. Rick then talks in the back, laughing, he thinks its cool, and hes excited. Comes out and lies “Yeah man, not gonna be able to sell it. Ill give you $100 for it” LOL. However, you are a moron to bring priceless items to a pawn shop – those should go at an auction. Pawn shop is for selling your ex-bitch’s stuff 🙂

  48. TheKkd123 on

    Well it ain’t cheating…. If both party agree and hand shake. It’s personal fault for not doing homework. Get your shit right dumb Fucker.


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