TV Deaths We Never Saw Coming In 2018

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TV land sure isn’t the cozy safe haven it used to be. In recent years, dedicated viewers have lost beloved characters on everything from Game of Thrones to Stranger Things to even Will and Grace. So far, it looks like 2018 is shaping up to be another small-screen bloodbath. Get the tissues ready, because we’re looking back at a few characters who’ve unexpectedly left us in 2018 – but be careful if you’re not caught up on these shows, because this one’s loaded with spoilers…

Carl – The Walking Dead | 0:31
Tobin – The Walking Dead | 1:43
Simon – The Walking Dead | 2:16
Nick Clark – Fear the Walking Dead | 2:47
Cigarette Smoking Man, Skinner, and Reyes – The X-Files | 3:23
Ferguson – New Girl | 4:54
Spencer – American Housewife | 5:55
Clayton Reeves – NCIS | 6:42
Artie Goodman – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | 7:44
Butch and R’as al Ghul – Gotham | 8:18
Will Simpson – Jessica Jones | 8:56
Jack – This Is Us | 9:27

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