TV Moments That Took Things Too Far

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How far is too far? When it comes to TV, that potentially gross line is always changing. Today, you can find just about every body part and swear word on the small screen at any given time of the day, but there was a time when TV was a bit more conservative. Whether or not they’d be shocking today, here are a few TV moments that took things too far…

Graphic content | 0:25
Booby trapped | 1:01
Raining on your parade | 2:21
Family Guy’s second ban | 3:10
Everything’s relative | 4:13
No Homers Club | 5:15
Did it for Dexter | 6:19
Starring…Hitler? | 7:34

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  1. qbik911 on

    X-File episode was sold on VHS and show on TV in Russia back when it was released and I found it boring compare to the other seasons/episodes. I am just an average Joe who dont give a shit jus tlike the majority of the world, meaning what you see here is cattered to minority of people who have some sort of issues.

  2. SD5 on

    Brazil is mad because somebody told the truth about their country. The actual truth is even worse then that. Brazil Ecuador Mexico Honduras all shit holes. Why do you think they all want to come here. If there country was any good they wouldn’t have to leave to make money. If they make good money down there the police will tell them you pay us a cut of that money or we will kill members of your family.

  3. gluecube on

    Ppl r to easily offended. It’s ridiculous, esp the one where Max (Kat Dennings) is making the Barbie Doll, and puppet have sex. It’s so ludicrous that ppl get offended by that. I can see why ppl would be offended by that episode of Seinfeld as it is actually bigoted but, alot of this stuff is done actually making fun of the bigots, not promoting them. Some of this stuff, is poking fun of bigots, and putting the evil fks in there place, and it’s treated as if it’s promoting bigotry when that was the opposite of it’s intent. South Park is often offensive, and genuinely bigoted. I’m suppressed more South Park (esp towards jewish ppl, women, and gays and lesbians) wasn’t found offensive. Alot of the stuff that’s on here though…is just ridiculous to be offended by, and taken out of context or taken to seriously. I mean dolls having sex shouldn’t be shocking or offensive. That’s insanity. Btw Kat Dennings is gorgeous. Has nothing to do w/ anything ik, but, wow *droolz*

  4. Michelle Thompson on

    With so many shows already have been watched and re-runs playing ppl already know so shut the bitching already….everything has a rating nowadays so it’s there own fault…morons!!!!!

  5. William Gilmore on

    Ya know, I read (somewhere) recently. That those unseasonably bored and or overwhelmingly self righteous (liberal) Snowflakes have (almost inexplicably) had their victories. Most recently with the cancellation of NBC’s “To Catch A Predator”. Now, I am not a shill or anything even remotely close for NBC or anyone else for that matter. But even as controversial as the show may or may not have been. The value of this shows exposure of SERIAL predators, CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT even be debated. Those inexplicably bored and self righteous people that would do so are also to blame for the 90 percent of this meme or thread. They just HAVE TO have a way to validate their own boring lives… Even at the expense of affecting lives of others. It REALLY IS a sickness.

  6. Sarah Peterson on

    Dexter killed the bad people. I mean, I agree with him. Especially if he kills pedophiles. I am all for anyone doing that.

  7. REAL TRUTH on

    Hey Hollywood is ASHKENAZI Russians ( Turk/Asian) people who changed Religions , You know by they can’t grow body hair , and now you expect morals , RIGHT !!! You Asked for it , You love those molesters in N.Y. …….

  8. Madzlick Chinatown on

    LOL, a complaint on one of the last episodes of Seinfeld? I guess the dude had a hand on it’s syndication ending.

  9. Capt. Cisgender on

    We have allowed an alternative reality to be created…a reality where one person with too much time on their hands can send an angry email to a TV network and destroy comedy.

    We have become so tight-assed that nobody can laugh without pissing some small-minded housewife off.
    The majority DOES NOT even count.
    ONLY that one person can define the content and the context of what is “Proper” and what is not .

    We now live in a world where the person with the lowest melting point makes the rules.

  10. donepearce on

    The problem with Two Broke Girls is that they have identical voices. Both screech like cats being castrated.

  11. Whatster87 on

    that bitch that tried to ruin married with children is a prime example of modern feminism not working and being full of shit.

  12. Deanoss Last on

    Fuck up Puerto Rico the Irish are regularly shown as drunks, southern yanks as hicks, Aussies as uneducated bogans, the English as toothless tea drinking nancies but do us whites ever complain? No. Fukin PC police softened all you cunts, and Kramer is supposed to be a doofus on the show, so the show was actually saying that’s not right by having an idiot say it.

  13. Steveo Gregg on

    could you see yourself in a threesome with kat Dennings and beth bear Wow !!!! what fun huh. all I would need is a black women to make it four hours of a great sexual joy ride like kee kee Palmer.

  14. Robert J. Williamson on

    Hitler had been satirised in comedy long before that sitcom perhaps most famously in “The Producers,” which features the musical “Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp With Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden.”

  15. wonder mike on

    Puerto Rico is not a country, it’s a US territory, or actually considered a state. The scene was funny, no need to get butthurt.

  16. Baiyuantongbei on

    The interesting thing about censorship – especially now – is that it cannot work. Not anymore. So, this gives free reign to people in Hollywood (and other media centers) to exercise _their_ philosophy – which is to pander to all that is the worst and most sensational in the human character. In this way, the normal public is subjected to very very abnormal ideas. What is “abnormal” – abnormal is no doubt definable by statistical averages. If you’re watching a movie, think about the likelihood that this plot line would be manifest in your everyday life. You will find that mostly it will never do so. But nonetheless, the idle public sits there, robotic in front of the screen absorbing the very most twisted, the very most insane states of being – largely accepted by them because of the boredom inherent in their own lives. Subtly, this twists their thoughts , slowly slowly, (but fast enough) to make them see all the world around them in a different way. They see the world as darker, meaner, and more savage even than it already is. They seek to imitate vacuous actor stylings even in their daily communications with others (this is very scary when you encounter it)… In other words, because of the public sensibility against censorship, anything that is censored is considered to be “retro,” out of touch, a throwback, uncool, and thus the gates always open as predictably as the legs of… never mind… in short, you’re screwed. Our society is also screwed.

  17. etherlords88 on

    this was the most annoying voice i’ve ever heard on youtube so far… had to cut the video and closing the tab…

  18. AaronQ1222 on

    I don’t think Married With Children would have made it quite as far if it were released in today’s day and age with how triggered and offended people get.

  19. Steven Boykin on

    That Hitler show looks hilarious I’d love to watch it I’m not a nazi I just love satire… Check out “Look Who’s Back” on Netflix.

  20. just Shane on

    Although I personally have no problem with depictions of Hitler in any tv show or series, I must admit that that weird pilot episode of “Heil Honey” was realy hilariously horrendously bad! LOL xD

  21. Frankie Manhattan on

    People from a shithole cry about the truth coming out that their country is a shithole…braizil is a fucking dump lol

  22. Kristina Romano on

    Married w/ Children was so smutty back in the day. When that show 1st came out, my mom’s reaction was the same as this gal.

  23. CG Account on

    Family Guy works best when it tries to be funny. The controversial stuff they do is rarely funny. I go for laughs not to be offended. Going over the line when it isn’t hilarious is just stupid. It’s like they’re trying to stir up trouble rather than trying to be funny. It’s suppoaed to be a comedy.

  24. Annelee Klein on

    do tv’s not have channel switching? if a show offends u turn it to a different show or don’t watch that episode. I have a few episodes of the office and trailer park boys that I don’t like and I skip the episode.

  25. Julio Martinez on

    Oh no, not Married With Children ! Say what you want about that,and whine,complain,and boo-hooing all about it. There are far worse TV shows that totally pushed the envelope. Such as the Sinpsons. The X – Files, (seriously?) ,and Family Guy? (Hmm?) Dexter,the TV show for teens and young viewers,had been dicey. The Outer Limits,that had been then-defunct in the ’90’s,had been scary. South Park,had been sort of controversial,but effective.

  26. DayInDaLife on

    How times have changed.. Al Bundy had a wife, 2 kids, a job, owned his own house, had two cars and when on regular holidays.. and was considered a looser… think about that.

  27. Grendel on

    🎶 Springtime for Hitler and Germany…
    Winter for Poland and France…🎶

    Mel Brooks beat them both for lampooning Hitler, but I guess that was film not tv.

    Auf weidersehn, baby!

  28. David Ledford on

    i hate seth mcfarland an his perverted hellish grossness, no thanx on any of his garbage in a godless world ogf his…….

  29. hwk on

    Comedy audiences weren’t ready for shots at Hitler in the 90’s, it wasn’t until a decade later? Maybe in England. I suspect Mel Brooks might beg to differ.

  30. Le reddit silver member on

    I love when shitty countries need to have an entire group of social justice warriors to defend it.

  31. Canadian Retro on

    So basically these are the stories of the forefathers of modern day snowflakes. Ahh the legacy continues.

  32. Brittany Childers on

    Seinfeld isn’t funny, it’s never been funny. I’d call it cringey as fuck as in every time I see it I cringe.

  33. Ted Wojtasik on

    Oh of course, poor Brazil, it could never be that bad? Except it’s worse, just watch City of God which is a true story. Then there is the good President they mentioned. He was removed from office due to corruption, just like almost every other President in the countries recent history. Way to go Brazil!


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