What The Cast Of Goodfellas Looks Like Today

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Thanks to a star-studded cast of real New Yorkers and mobster lookalikes, Martin Scorsese’s 1990 crime-classic Goodfellas has aged as beautifully as a fine Italian wine. But have the stars aged as well as the movie? Here’s a look at what the cast of Goodfellas looks like today…

Robert De Niro | 0:17
Ray Liotta | 0:46
Joe Pesci | 1:25
Lorraine Bracco | 1:58
Paul Sorvino | 2:28
Frank Sivero | 2:55
Mike Starr | 3:22
Debi Mazar | 4:01
Kevin Corrigan | 4:24
Michael Imperioli | 4:51
Frank Vincent | 5:24

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