Why People Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

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When AMC’s The Walking Dead first premiered on Halloween night in 2010, it felt as if the world stopped turning and television lovers across the globe turned into zombies themselves — ones hungry for more episodes of the groundbreaking post-apocalyptic horror series. All anyone could chat about at the work watercooler was what crazy, amazing, or insane thing happened to Rick Grimes the night before. The gripping action of the series, adapted from the popular comic books by Robert Kirkman, helped turn The Walking Dead into a must-watch, right alongside prestige programs like Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The show has never been an awards season darling, but now ratings have started to slip, as viewers begin to tune out the sheriff’s latest undead dramas. So, what happened to make The Walking Dead lose favor with fans? Let’s take a look, but, as always, beware the spoilers…

Squandered characters | 0:58
Getting whiplash | 2:19
Meeting Lucille | 3:34
Heart of darkness | 4:41
Losing focus | 5:30
Tough competition | 7:01

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  1. Keith Graham on

    It was slow and it had zombies. If you have zombies it means you have zero imagination. Zombies are the ‘go to’ if your brain fails and cannot imagine fresh new creatures. Yawn sprung ti mind when I first saw it.

  2. Courtney Castle on

    Annoying and forgettable characters, walkers became a simple small annoyance that could easily be dealt with, and the fact that humans wouldn’t want to help other humans in a situation like that?? I stopped watching after season 5, which wasn’t good either.

  3. Shock N Boom on

    I hate to say it but I stopped watching after Glen and Abraham were killed. Idk why. But I just did. I loved the walking dead with a passion. But that episode I kinda took a break. And haven’t came back yet. Something happened. I don’t hate the show or dislike it. Just something happened with that episode that caused me to take a break. So at this point I’m still at a point where Negan just killed Glen and Abraham.

  4. Jayz grouse on

    Z Nation is pretty great, not gonna lie, it’s a perfect mix of comedy, action, and good characters but it also references other zombie shows and games, there’s several references to Call of Duty Zombies with tropes like needing to find the power and a scene where Warren throws a cymbal monkey at some zombies and it blows up.

  5. Jason Virnig on

    I still watch but my wife dont, and she was more into it than me. I think they took to long to kill Carl’s idiot ass off.

  6. MrJohnny56789 on

    Actually it was the slow as fuck pacing And the trickery. I don’t care that main characters get the axe. In fat I welcome it. Real life doesnt work like “these guys all are special and survive”.

  7. Jessie marie McRoberts Riggs McRoberts on

    The Show basically is “The Walking Dead” itself now, Is just a Bag of Bone’s, And Totally Ruined

  8. Jennifer Carson on

    I agree. After the double Negan kill that really ended it. Seeing it play out wasn’t really a good thing. And then Carl died and Amy’s leaving….

  9. Christy Fielding on

    I was a die hard fan and watched every episode until neegan came in and kept making Rick look like a p***sy. The episode that he looked Rick in the face and said something like I just stuck my d**k in your mouth and you thanked me I was done. I hang in even after glen died for Rick and Darryl but that just got me. I couldn’t do it anymore.

  10. helen morcom on

    its not that its dark….imo its because the writers introduced too many other communities….dark is fine with me….an apoclypse like this would be grim and dark… what was the point of the garbage people…even hilltop. i have never read the comics….but it seems to me that the writers of the show were trying to placate the comic book readers and the tv show viewers….i think this is where it all got a little bit lost… imo writers find a direction and go with your narrative

  11. Richard Ikin on

    I started watching because of the zombies. I stopped watching because of Negan. I hate that character, he turned TWD from a zombie show into a conflict between humans show. I have zero interest in that type of show.

  12. GuMpAkC on

    I got tired of really good characters dying. I got tired of introducing weird characters that only make sense in comic books, not on television. Progression in the show really sucked. I mean, you can condense an entire season into 5 really good episodes and throw all the fill away. It became so dull and boring and then watching everyone die so they can bring on a new character played by a lesser paid actor became repetitive.

  13. Eduardo Rodriguez on

    We had such a bond with the characters when Glen got killed we were very sad it felt so bad my wife and I cried and then we couldn’t take the negan nonsense anymore it was too painful to watch I was going insane so my wife said let’s just stop watching and we will come back but it didn’t get any better.

  14. William Robinson on

    I stopped watching Walking Dead at the end of the first half of season 6, but I had lost interest around the beginning of season 4. Its so formulaic and repetitive. The characters are uninteresting and boring, and not very likable. I would love to see every character on the show die. Like if a ton of zombies surrounded them and ate them. I would tune in for that.

  15. The Black Naruto on

    They could have went into a new direction if they kept Glenn alive but NOOOOOO they rather pay homage to the comics, even tho they said the show was gonna be different. They also ruined Daryl’s character

  16. Jorge Gonzales on

    Dude this is literally the only Looper video I’ve ever liked. You hit it right on the head with this, bravo.

  17. Jessie marie McRoberts Riggs McRoberts on

    Breaking news Rick Grimes+Andrew Lincoln Is Going to Died in “The Walking Dead” Upcoming Season 9, episode 5. Good luck Andrew Lincoln

  18. Cason Spade on

    They should make zombies relevant again it’s kinda gay that a zombie show has nothing to do with zombies nowadays

  19. Padraig Mahone on

    It’s certainly become popular to dislike TWD, hasn’t it? It’s all subjective opinion, of course, and no one opinion is more valid than any other. That said, the video makes a rookie mistake when it critiques the show for concentrating more on the survivors than the zombies. If the scriptwriter had done their homework, they’d know that one of the major principles of the source material is that the titular “walking dead” are *not* the zombies according to Kirkman, but the survivors themselves.

  20. Joyce T on

    never tried watching it… coz they’ll all gonna die anyway. it’s a zombie series, it’s either everyone will die or they’ll find cure. the end.

  21. Mark Gorecki on

    I stopped watching a long time ago.  The episode where Rick and Daryl found the guy calling himself “Jesus”.  They were at a farm and he was riding on top of the truck full of much needed food.  Rick could have just shut the truck off and got out on the many acres of flat land that there was, but instead decided to back the truck onto A SLOPE GOING DOWN TO A LAKE.  Seriously?  The Rick character is not that stupid, which shows that the writers ARE.  They failed the viewing audience.

  22. Family Friendly John Cena on

    Bring back *CURE ROUTE* to give a purpose to the show, ffs *Frank Darabont* was one of the best people TWD had and they had to fire him, why?!?!?

  23. Richard Osmancik on

    There are some stupid moments like when bunch of people shooting at each other within 5 m distance and no one can hit anything or when they are defending hilltop with guns behind walls and negan people attacking with arrows and defenders ran away (really?) Or aron with group of women with arrows and wooden weapons and molotov cocktails remain undetected destroy everyone while people with guns run away to woods lol also the number of people dying negan lost so many but always found more somewhere. And what about those people in negan factory and scavengers walking in circle pretending they are doing something lol and some characters constantly changing opinions about killing others so annoying (Morgan, Carol) and then Carl dies and everyone must think what Carl would do like he was so perfect and new something more then others like some messiah. Some characters died in really stupid way like Beth or Carl. But I still like the show 😊

  24. Amir Ramos on

    u stopped watching because you’re soft and you hate change.. well in a zombie apocalypse nothing lasts..the world becomes cruel.. people die..and human conflicts happen when evil conquer the world.



  26. uk m'dear on

    This series is an adaption from the comics…people moaning about shiva being killed or negan brutally is just silly. Its almost integral to the story line.
    The only issue i have with the series is:

    Bs back story episodes/focusing on one character
    Garbage people
    Killing carl.

    Also the point where the focus comes away from the walkers and to the people ks the fact the characters have become used to the predicable nature of the walkers. The famous walking dead line is “fight the dead, fear the living”, its a post apocalyptic world thats becoming a new normal for these people hence why the people are now the threat, wait till the walkers behaviour changes and the survivors have to start combating huge hoards, that will bring the viewer base back and…..the whispers/negan/rick story line should be epic!

  27. john N on

    I stopped after season 3…It was awesome at first then got very very predictable…..It lost its wow factor and that was it….

  28. jstnxprsn on

    Excellent analysis. Exactly why I stopped watching the show, even though it was once my favorite. It got lost along the way. What a shame.

  29. Cyrus Meeks on

    I love the walking dead so much it’s sad to hear that it’s rating are gong down I’ll admit I didn’t get to really watch last season too much so I’m sadly one of those fans whose been rusty on it but still it’s so sad

  30. chris Bailey on

    I haven’t watched for over a season. I might binge watch to get caught up, so I can fast forward through the foolish parts. Bottom line, just a late night soap opera at this time

  31. Jose Oms on

    That serie turned boring and difficult to follow and they decided to make a story over the story, etc etc etc

  32. Harlan Milleret on

    I was never a fan because zombies scare the hell out me but, I’m amazed that it’s still going strong despite subpar ratings. I think there is two things that is keeping this show alive: 1- AMC has nothing to replace it should they decide to cancel it and 2- The Spinoff Fear The Walking Dead.

  33. William Swan on

    storyline after a while suck I got rid of some of their Prime characters they’re dragging out the storyline when they do go after Negan they have them their sights and shoot out windows instead of just killing the son of a b**** all that bulshit I suggested directing the herds of the Dead to Rock Quarry have them fall into industrial chipper kind of like to do for garbage disposal drama lights in the carnival thing what are you get a carnival with the Dead and a chipper in the junkyard what are they do shoot glass out of Windows and said just killing the son of a b**** dum s*** like leaving the Dead the catch youlater later

  34. Nelly Nel on

    Yeah I stopped watching when they killed off Carl.. STUPID MOVE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE FUTURE!! SO DISAPPOINTED

  35. cedric vintero on

    Because the director focused more on action instead of horror and thriller. Season 1-3 was i’d say 75% Horror/Thriller and 25% Action. And then Season 4-8 the horror parts started becoming scarce and more on boring talking and action.

  36. AirFiero on

    Both series are in trouble because there was a thread back to the beginning about the original families and their survival. You cared about the family and wanted them to survive. When they kill off the entire family, the survival thread to the beginning is broken and you give up hope and caring. I believe this is the big mistake the producers are making, and now it is too late.

  37. Ingrid debunks on

    If they bring in the whisperers , it may bring people back . BUT … Carl was a big part of the story arc , so … who knows

  38. The Matadore on

    Well the whole point of the walking dead was to imagine what humanity would look like in anarchy, but I just couldn’t deal with the constant coming and going of psychotic characters. There was too much starting over, and not enough actual growth and success. It’s actually discouraging to see a character that was intended to lead degrade into a primal behavior. It’s probably realistic in some ways but for a tv show it isn’t very appealing anymore. It would have been good to see them thrive when keeping their humanity instead of falling down a spiral. Too much instinctive conflict and not enough uplifting alliances.

  39. ghoula69 on

    When they Killed Glenn and Abraham in the most Disgusting way I lost interest. Carol got boring.. and now they are going to keep Negan alive ?? Stupid Not reality

  40. Sudipta Biswas on

    People lack interest because they started killing characters which got popularity in the story line and fan favorites especially Glenn and Carl. Further they should have maintain the story line by finding cure or and discover the cause of this viral plague instead of doing this Negan drama stuff. I hope the next season might resolve this.

  41. JC Naalcab on

    Anyone could have taken negan down easily. It’s just annoying seeing him rule everyone with a bat. I’m like really? A bat?🤣

  42. Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde on

    Its rather simple, why i stopped watching TWD and GoT… because of the god awful halfway season pauses! You watch 6 episodes, then they stop broadcasting because of summer pause bullshait!… this is a good way to make me not care anymore. This happened mid Season 4. Never picked it up afterwards. The flow is just gone!
    With Breaking-Bad, i could marathon through. Every day i could watch as much episodes i had the time for. It was epic, it was Perfect!

    Netflix does it right. If they release a series, you get access to all episodes at once. Both Stranger Things seasons are marathon material!

    Why anyone want to wait an entire week, for just another episode is beyond me. Its just shit and anti consumer practices!

  43. Tiana Hudson on

    I stopped watching in season 7. I got bored watching back and forth with the Kingdom, Alexandria, Hiltop, etc. Nothing interesting was happening. But then I started watching Fear the Walking Dead and I can honestly say I’m obsessed.

  44. Hikizuru on

    Just got tired of Negan saying and doing the same thing every episode. There arent enough good characters left to make it worth it either. Most new characters fall way flat for me. Earlier season felt more grounded and like actual people. Lately everyone just seems to be caricatures. Especially the garbage people. That was the thing that made me drop it completely.

  45. Christian dunkley-clark on

    The bullets should have run out long before Eugene starting making them and lots of other things would run out. Certain technologies would disappear and there would be skills that seem otherwise mundane that would be life-savers.
    More interesting isolated groups and not everything would be about violence. Also the losing of the idea there could be solution ( Eugene story) lost me a bit. More about the why and how could be a thing.
    More of a reverting to Hunter-gather life-style and evryone should be a vegan by now considering the dangers.
    Communication with the disease itself with a “CAn’t we all get along as life is life and the rduction in humanity would be a good thing for the world and a bargaining chip for the zoms themselves. Sympathy for the Zombie type ting.
    Give me a job I got a thousand trillion different angles that’d keep this fun.

  46. MrGchiasson on

    It just got old. A gazillion zombies slaughtered…no real progress…
    Then key people get zapped…
    I watched it for several seasons…then…yawn..
    Let it end…big splash final show.

  47. Ms. Poison on

    I stop watching because it got really boring I think of fillers so then I started watching Z Nation but MOSTLY BECAUSE CARL IS GONE😭

  48. Malal on

    I would say when the show became very clear it was a modern day soap opera then a fucking post apocalyptic TV series about the dead returning from their graves to walk the earth in search of flesh to eat…..

  49. TheMetalWeasel on

    I can say why without even watching the video. Each & every season is an endless descent into nihilism, inhumanity & abject despair without purpose or hope of resolution. Way back when Eugene claimed to know how to cure the disease & the team was united under common purpose there was an actual shred of hope to the show in that the team finally had something to work towards instead of just killing bag guys of the week on their way from safezone to safezone.

    Since that storyline died in the ass & every subsequent season has become more about Rick’s group of psychotic killers trying to defeat another group of psychotic killers I’ve lost any & all interest. I stopped watching the whole worthless mess a few episodes before the midseason break of season 6. Here we are now, nearly 9 seasons in & they’re still battling season 7’s villain of the week & still throwing away their humanity to try & win their way to the top of the garbage heap. Once Negan is dead & assuming there’s still enough people left watching who give a fuck they’ll just jump to the next villain of the week. No fucking thanks to that.

    After 9 seasons of this show nothing has changed & it’s never going to change so why fucking bother with any of it? I’m honestly surprised that there’s anyone left who still watches this shit. To be honest I’d much rather scrub the mould off the grout in my bathroom tiles with my tongue than watch another 5 minutes of this absolute fucking garbage.


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